I Dream of Jeannie

I Dream of Jeannie (1965)

Episode list - season 4

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All season 4 mistakesMistakes
1U-F-Oh Jeannie0
2Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks0
3Tomorrow is Not Another Day0
5The Used Car Salesman0
6Djinn, Djinn, Go Home0
7The Strongest Man in the World0
8Indispensable Jeannie0
9Jeannie and the Top Secret0
10How To Marry an Astronaut2
11Dr. Bellows Goes Sane0
12Jeannie, My Guru0
13The Case of My Vanishing Master (1)0
14The Case of My Vanishing Master (2)0
15Ride 'Em Astronaut2
16Invisible House For Sale3
17Jeannie, the Governor's Wife0
18Is There a Doctor in the House?1
19The Biggest Star in Hollywood0
20The Case of the Porcelain Puppy0
21Jeannie for the Defense0
22Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut1
23Around the Moon in 80 Blinks1
25Jeannie and the Secret Weapon0
26Blackmail Order Bride0
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Jeannie: Master is football more important to you than I am?
Major Nelson: Of course not, that's like comparing oranges and lemons.
Jeannie: And I'm the lemon.

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Answer: As noted elsewhere here Jeannie is speaking Farsi.

Answer: Regarding the three wishes, there was never any set-in-stone rule or belief. This appears to originate from "The Ridiculous Wishes" or "The Three Ridiculous Wishes" that is a French literary fairy tale written by Charles Perrault and was published in 1697. It sort of set the standard for genie rules that later appeared in other folk tales and then in movies and TV shows. Like vampire lore, common details can be changed by any author to suit their story.

raywest Premium member

Answer: She's speaking Persian. And there was never a 3 wish rule. When Tony freed her, he became her master, and she'd do anything for him (i.e. grant his every wish).


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