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The Séance - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: After Lucy tells Mr. Merriweather that he's invited to the seance, when it cuts to Lucy unfolding the card table legs, note the couch behind her with one normal seat cushion on the left, but in the next wideshot there's an additional shorter cushion under the normal cushion. The small towel also repositions itself neatly on the couch. (00:11:55)

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The Sublease - S3-E30

Visible crew/equipment: After Lucy and Mr. Beecher sign the lease, just as they all start heading toward the door, the taped T-mark can be seen at the bottom of the screen at the edge of the carpet (presumably for the second camera dolly offscreen at the left). Then as Mrs. Hammond walks out, a bit of overhead set equipment can be seen at the top right side of the screen. (00:12:45)

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The Anniversary Present - S2-E1

Deliberate mistake: In this episode Lucy is trying to get Ricky to notice that their anniversary is on Monday the 19th by showing him a large calendar with the 19th circled. However, when they are in California and they celebrate their anniversary and Ricky asks for information to be wired to him, the telegram tells him that their anniversary is on the seventh.

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The Star Upstairs - S4-E25

Continuity mistake: When Lucy's locked out on the penthouse balcony, Ethel places the broom handle through the small round finger hole of the scissors, with the large oval finger hole to the right of the round hole and the blades pointing out, then holds the scissors in place as she puts the broom over the balcony rail. When Lucy retrieves them from the broom, the scissors have flipped over. The blades are pointing out and the broom handle is still through the small round finger hole, but now the large oval hole is to the left of the round hole. (Impossible to do on its own. Try it). (00:19:05)

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Ricky's Movie Offer - S4-E6

Continuity mistake: After Fred secures the chain lock to the front door, with the chain mounted onto the frame of the door, Fred then slides the chain into the door's slide-catch to show Lucy the "burglarproof chain." When Ethel opens the door the chain itself is ripped off the frame, leaving the chain (and the piece that was screwed to the frame) dangling from the slide-catch attached to the door, but in Ethel's closeup the chain is still mounted to the door's frame. (00:01:40)

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The Charm School - S3-E14

Visible crew/equipment: While Lucy and Ethel are at The Charm School, when they're standing in front of Miss Emerson's desk, in the widehots a small tape mark can be seen on the floor in front of Lucy's feet. Then when Lucy and Ethel are in sweatpants two small tape marks can be seen on the floor, and when Ethel walks to the other side of the room to join Lucy, there's another tape mark which Vivian even looks down at to confirm her foot's position.

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Lucy's Showbiz Swan Song - S2-E17

Other mistake: While Lucy and Ethel are auditioning their act for Ricky at the club, just as Lucy spins around watch her hands as she very quickly pulls on the string at her waist, which causes her pantaloons to loosen and fall to the floor. (00:12:05)

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Lucy Raises Chickens - S6-E18

Visible crew/equipment: When the chicks are running loose in the living room, and Lucy, Little Ricky, Fred and Ethel are trying to corral them, you can see the chicken wire and braces set up to keep the chickens on the set. (00:20:20)

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Lucy Wants New Furniture - S2-E28

Revealing mistake: When Ricky startles Lucy in the kitchen just as she's getting the salt, she climbs up through the kitchen/living room window, and in the shot from the living room when she and Ricky step down onto the chair, we can see the four long metal brackets which bolt the chair to the floor for safety. (00:13:15)

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Lucy and Superman - S6-E13

Continuity mistake: In this episode, Lucy goes out on the window ledge. In "Lucy Cries Wolf", the window ledge was very different: the walls were made of dark brick instead of concrete blocks, there was no downspout, and the ledge went into the corner and stopped, no continuation on the other wall.

First Stop - S4-E14

Visible crew/equipment: After driving all day, the Ricardos and Mertzes stop by a run-down diner that serves only stale cheese sandwiches, then end up there again only to spend the night in their one motel room. While they're all in their beds, the vibration of the nearby train causes the Ricardos' bed to shakily slide towards the Mertzes and then back again. The wire attached to the Ricardo's bed is visible, and the leg at the foot of the bed is set in a track attached to the floor, which keeps the bed on course.

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Lucy Hires a Maid - S2-E23

Continuity mistake: While tired Lucy is trying to open the card table's legs, she lays her head down then falls asleep, and when it cuts to Ethel and Fred walking in on our sleeping Lucy, there's writing on the table's underside which wasn't in the previous shot. (By the markings on the table it also looks as if the table has been turned on its adjacent side). (00:06:10)

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Ricky's Screen Test - S4-E7

Visible crew/equipment: After take one of Ricky's Screen Test, when the director says to Lucy, "I thought it might add interest to the scene if you could make it go around and around like a lighthouse!", the Ricardo's kitchen cupboards and fridge are visible off stage to the left of the director's head.

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The Kleptomaniac - S1-E27

Revealing mistake: When Ricky brings home the psychiatrist, in all the long shots of the living room from the time Ethel walks around the coffee table toward Fred, we can see that all four coffee table legs have been propped up on stone blocks.

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Question: I know this show is from the time period when a lot of couples had two beds in their room. Just out of curiosity, when did it become acceptable to show a couple's bedroom with a single bed on TV?

Answer: According to Snopes.com, there is no definitive answer, but the mid-1960s is the most verifiable date with "The Munsters" being cited as the first, although others claim "The Brady Bunch" showed the first couple seen in a double bed. An early TV show from the late 1940s titled, "Mary Kay and Johnny" is also thought to have shown the married couple's bedroom as having a double bed, although probably not with them in it. However, this was when TV was aired live, and there are no surviving episodes, only anecdotal accounts.

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