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Sonic X (2003)

12 mistakes in season 1

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Enter the Supersonic Hedgehog! - S1-E1

Revealing mistake: There is a scene near the beginning when the camera is behind Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, you see that the explosion of Chaos Control engulfs the land, yet, if you look carefully, you'll see it doesn't get any closer to them, rather the ball just gets bigger.

Amy Rose: Throughout history, behind every great hero, there's a great woman guiding him.

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We Can See the Light! - S1-E41

Question: Why was Eggman controlling the moon in order to con people into buying the sunshine balls he invented? Was he doing it to get rich?

Answer: No, he doesn't need the money. He was doing it to try to paint himself as the hero. Make it look like only he could save the the light and painting Sonic as a villain for destroying it.

Quantom X

So what if Eggman doesn't need the money. There are tons of people who don't need more, but still try to get richer.

But not Eggman. His goal isn't money in the series at all. He hardly even ever mentions it. He wants power, fame, and to rule the world. In fact, he comes from a world where money isn't exactly a thing or much of it. So he doesn't have that in his roots of desire, he wants power.

Quantom X

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