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L.A. Law (1986)

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Testing, Testing, 1...2...3...4 - S7-E20

Plot hole: Gwen Taylor tells her Bar prep instructor, Tony Henderson, that she does not have a law degree and that she has been apprenticing. This would indicate that she did not go to law school. But in 6-01, she tells Leland McKenzie that she was accepted to Loyola Law School and that she was thinking about going. Leland convinces her to go. In multiple episodes, it is made clear that Gwen is attending law school. Frank Kittredge helps Gwen understand the famous Palsgraf case, as well as the principle that came from it, "proximate cause." Additionally, Arnie tells Gwen that she will need to pick between her job and law school. Additionally, while sitting in on a staff meeting, Gwen asks if it's a bad time to discuss "res ipsa," which is a reference to the legal doctrine, "res ipsa loquitur," a torts principle that came from the case, Byrne v. Boadle (indicating that she was taking a law school torts class). There was no indication that Gwen left law school for an apprenticeship. (00:29:40)

Trivia: The character of Leland McKenzie started wearing hearing aids on the show when the actor who portrayed him, Richard Dysart, needed them in real life.

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