Hey Arnold!

Abner Come Home / The Sewer King - S1-E16

Audio problem: When Arnold is playing chess with the Sewer King, Arnold jumps across the table and knocks the King over. This sequence appears to be sped up: the toilet crashes way after it is destroyed, and the King says "Noooooooooooo," yet his mouth never moves.

Arnold's Hat/Stoop Kid - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: When Grandpa is telling Arnold about how how he tried to cover his head when his hair falls out, the camera cuts back to him with his arm on Arnold's shoulder and Arnold has his hat on, even though the whole story is about him losing his hat.

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Downtown as Fruits / Eugene's Bike - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: In the Eugene's Bike episode, when Arnold has to tie his shoe, he sets his books down on a bike in a bike rack. This causes the bike to tip over and makes all the other bikes in the rack to fall down. Eugene's bike falls into the middle of the street and get ran over. When Eugene finds out his bike is destroyed, he looks at Arnold and yells. Right after this you get a good look at the bike rack. You'll notice there are no bikes in or around the bike rack.

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Suggested correction: I don't believe it is ever established whether Arnold is left or right-handed in the series. Without confirmation; he may very well be part of the ambidextrous population that uses both. I used to write with both hands myself in school.

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Olga Comes Home / Sally's Comet - S1-E15

Continuity mistake: In Sally's Comet when Gerald, Arnold, and Grandpa are in the traffic jam on the way to Hawk Mountain the position and type of cars around them change. When we first see the car there is a truck there and no room for them to turn around. When they do turn around then there is room and the truck is gone.

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Tutoring Torvald / Gerald Comes Over - S1-E13

Continuity mistake: In Gerald Comes Over, Gerald says whenever he goes to Arnold's house he always goes straight to Arnold's room and has never seen all of Arnold's house. Also he seems never to have met any one else that lives there, but in previous episodes we have seen him in other parts of Arnold's house and met many of the people that live there.

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Suggested correction: Other than the few episodes that take place at a certain time; this series is not meant to be taken in chronological order. Just roughly during the same 4th grade school year.

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Show generally

Question: Does anybody know what year this show takes place? I've noticed that there are all these present day video games, keyboards, etc. on the show, but all the cars are old fashioned.

Answer: The show is based in present day times. Plus most cars aren't old fashtioned, I recall seeing a limo and not to mention a cherry picker, etc.

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