Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Anti-Thesis - S2-E3

Character mistake: Nicole Wallace has murdered and stolen the identity of Professor Elizabeth Hitchens, who was Australian. While speaking to Detective Goren she refers to her life in Melbourne, pronouncing it the American way : "Mel-born." No Australian would do such a thing - it is pronounced "Melbun." A detail-obsessed knowall like Goren would pick up on that immediately.

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Suggested correction: Not everyone who is Australian says 'Melbun' when referring to Melbourne.

Utter rubbish. I lived in Australia for thirty five years. Nobody - absolutely nobody - calls it "Mel-Bawn." It's "Melbun." Incidentally, this also applies to the American pronunciation of the capital of Queensland - "Bris-bayne." It's pronounced "Brisbun."

Self-made - S7-E7

Continuity mistake: Near the end, the detectives give Hawkins the murdered woman's manuscript to read and compare. The stack of papers they give him is easily 300-400 pages thick and held together with a large binder clip. Moments later, in a fit of anger, Hawkins throws the manuscript in the air and papers fly everywhere. The problem is that he throws no more than 50 pages in the air.


Stress Position - S4-E13

Continuity mistake: During the opening, the water bottle the woman picks up has significantly more blood on it when she holds it than it did in the previous shot when we see it rolling down the stairs.


Family Values - S8-E9

Continuity mistake: The Devildis family is in the kitchen together. When the daughter holds up a knife she has been using to chop vegetables she holds it to about chest level. The shot changes to a different front view of her and the knife has vanished.


Suite Sorrow - S2-E12

Continuity mistake: As Goren and Eames are questioning the Botox guy, Goren takes several syringes from the kit and begins tossing them like darts into the notebook on the table. He does this with at least 5 syringes before the camera angle changes, and when it cuts back to him again there are no syringes in the notebook and he has a fresh handful of them that he begins uncapping and tossing all over again.

Zoonotic (1) - S2-E22

Continuity mistake: Goren is interviewing Roger Stern in the cells at the end of the episode. The bars on the cell are straight with curves where the bars cross. In some shots when you look at Goren the bars are bent from one cross section to the next. This changes from shot to shot. (00:34:00 - 00:39:00)

David Doyle

Family Values - S8-E9

Revealing mistake: Paul Devildis calls the bank to discuss his restructuring plan. During the shots of the two bankers, on the desk is a notebook-sized, plain brown box. It is very distinctive as it is blank except for a single square white label on the front. Later in the episode Paul delivers his restructuring plan with the bomb inside to the bank. It is in this same box.


Untethered - S7-E9

Continuity mistake: When Detective Goren walks into the holding cell, he is wearing black pants. After he is suspended by his boss, he puts his gun into a locker, and he's wearing a pair of jeans. (00:17:40 - 00:19:35)

Hani Hariprabowo

Show generally

Factual error: When the cops need to arrest a medical professional, they are frequently shown barging into his/her office, exam room, or even operating room. This would never happen in real life and is strictly forbidden, as it is a gross violation of the patient's privacy, and in the case of the OR, could contaminate the sterile environment, thereby jeopardizing patient safety as well.

Flipped - S6-E14

Continuity mistake: Detective Logan shoves undercover detective Harry Williams into the window of the interrogation room, and the glass of the window shatters. In the next shot you can see the reflection of Detective Williams' head on the glass.

Poison - S1-E7

Ron Carter: In light of the severity of these crimes, we ask for remand, your honor.
Ms. O'Brien: In light of the weakness of their evidence, remand is absurd.
Ron Carver: The evidence past mustard with the grand jury.
Ms. O'Brien: Oh right, was my client indicted before or after the ham sandwich?


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Untethered - S7-E9

Question: When Goren infiltrates the prison, he says that his name is William Brady. He is then given a truth serum and under its effects, he admits his real name and that he's a cop. Given this information, why would he still be kept a prisoner instead of somebody calling the precinct he works at and inform Captain Ross?

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