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Continuity mistake: (Episode: Acid - Season 16 E11) When Lt. Van Buren and the victims mother are talking in the kitchen, the cabinet behind Van Buren changes from opened to closed several times.


Old Friends - S4-E22

Continuity mistake: Whilst Stone is looking at the pictures of the mobsters (as he is talking to Ann Madsen), he is holding the photos quite close together. The shot changes to a wide shot of the people in the room and the space between the photos is considerably wider than before.

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Cut - S15-E6

Continuity mistake: During an interview with ADA Southerlyn, one of the former patients states when she woke up, her left side felt like a lead weight. She was told she had a stroke while under anesthetic. However, the entire time she is talking, it is the right side of her face that is exhibiting signs of the stroke.


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Continuity mistake: In Episode 16-17, "America, Inc" from air date 3-22-06; The detectives determine that the victim's cell phone was found in a trash can near the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel. Later, when they are interrogating a suspect Detective Greene tells him "You tossed the victim's cell phone at the entrance to the Midtown Tunnel.


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Continuity mistake: Season 18 - "Quit Claim": Near the end, when McCoy and Cutter walk into Cutter's office, McCoy closes the door. On the back of the door is a white board and McCoy writes "Fri 12:00" on the board and then underlines it. When McCoy opens the door to leave, "Fri. 12:00" is still there but the line under it is gone.


Blackmail - S20-E12

Continuity mistake: Bernard puts down his sandwich in the house of the woman being blackmailed, after she tells him "no more sandwiches for you". Ten seconds later it's back in his hand, and put down again.


Suicide Box - S13-E16

Factual error: Further to the error regarding eating in the morgue, in this episode Dr Rodgers happily munches on a sandwich with a dead body on the slab less than a metre away. As has been pointed out, nobody ever eats or drinks in a morgue.

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Det. Lennie Briscoe: Even though you are a taxpayer, you know, we don't actually work for you personally.

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Answer: A courtroom trial that has been terminated prior to its normal conclusion. A mistrial has no legal effect and is considered an invalid or nugatory trial. This often happens when there is a lack of Jurisdiction, an incorrect jury selection or, as seen in many of the episodes, a hung jury, i.e. some jury members finding the defendant guilty while the other members of the jury will find the defendant not guilty and all jury members won't change their decision.

Answer: I was once a juror on a trial where the defendant started crying and talking about how his son would suffer if he went to jail. The judge became furious, decided that he had prejudiced the state's case (we were now thinking of his family, rather than if he were actually guilty), and declared a mistrial.

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Answer: In short, any time a trial ends and is declared void before the jury delivers a verdict or a judge issues a decision. Generally a mistrial is caused by a jury not being able to come to unanimous decision or the prosecution does something that would make the trial unfair to the defendant.


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