The Practice
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Judge Roberta Kittleson: Let me be frank. The defendant is world-class scum. I'm sure he's guilty of the crime.
Eugene Young: Well, I'm glad you have an open mind.
Judge Roberta Kittleson: Oh please. A mind is like a wound. If it's too open, you get an infection.

Judge: Your motion is denied. I am losing my patience.
Ellenor: To hell with patience, you've lost your mind, and that hasn't slowed you down.

Helen: We'd all kill. It's just the circumstances that vary.
Lindsay: Now there's a proverb.

Bobby Donnell: It's better that ten guilty men go free, than one innocent man suffer.

Eugene Young: Bobby, if stupidity were a crime, your ass would be in jail for life.

Lucy: My mother told me two things before she died. One was never let somebody push you around just because they're bigger or richer.
Ellenor: What was the other thing she told you?
Lucy: If you're ever in an argument, you can always trump with a dead mother.

Ellenor: This is a no-brainer, what's stopping you?
Lindsay: Some of us have brains.

Lindsay: Bite me.

Pro Se - S6-E13

Continuity mistake: During the pre-trial hearing between Frutt and Lowe, Frutt's hair alternates between being back off her shoulders to down over her left/right side. She at no time uses her hands to move the hair.

Randy DeShong

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Life Sentence - S4-E22

Trivia: Camryn Manheim uses sign language with her client, played by Marlee Matlin. Before becoming an actress, Camryn Manheim actually worked as a sign language interpreter and job trainer/placement specialist for the deaf. She also used her sign language skills in an episode of "Law and Order" called "Benevolence," where she portrayed a defense attorney for a deaf man accused of murdering his girlfriend.

Michael Albert

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