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Season 6 generally

Continuity mistake: In the episode 'Coming Home', Marga says that Livia's army attacked them at night, yet in 'Path of Vengeance' when Varia is explaining to the Amazon Council about Eve's past, the raid is during the day.


Intimate Stranger - S2-E7

Other mistake: When Callisto (in Xena's body) enters the cave hideout of Theodorus and his men, Theodorus assumes she's the real Xena. However, she walks in a Callisto-like way, indicating she isn't. Callisto's army never appears again either, not even after she becomes an immortal and a goddess. On her own in future episodes, Callisto still wears the same warlord outfit she wore when she led Theodorus and the army on village rampages.

God Fearing Child - S5-E12

Factual error: When ares says "In my brothers realm i have no power" What he should say is "In my uncles realm I have no power", as Hades is the uncle of Ares, not his brother.


Looking Death in the Eye - S5-E19

Plot hole: Ares stops Xena from 'committing suicide' by sword on the beach after the chariot crash, before she drinks 'poison'. How did Xena know that Ares would stop her from 'killing herself,' thereby allowing her to drink the 'poison' when she obviously hadn't revealed any of her plan to him and she didn't believe that he was in love with her? (00:32:40)


Show generally

Other mistake: If Lyceus is killed 11 years ago (the second year Xena and Gabrielle travel together - 2x02) and Solan is born roughly 8 years ago (the same night Borias is killed), then in about two years, Lyceus is killed, Xena gets an army, Caesar betrays Xena, Xena meets Borias (and gets him to leave his son), they go to Chin and meet Lao Ma, Xena gets pregnant and meets the Amazons/Alti, Borias dies and Solan is born. No way does this all fit into a few years. And what happened after Solan was born?


Sacrifice (1) - S3-E21

Other mistake: Ares says to Xena, "Are mortals so stupid as to believe that Dehok will actually bring them peace? They all get what they deserve. I really don't know why you continue to protect them." The Way this is phrased, "continue to protect them," seems to imply that Xena might not be mortal, yet in "Sacrifice II" he says, "You're the only mortal I know who can do that," which means that she is. Why was he implying earlier that she wasn't?


Return of Callisto - S2-E5

Other mistake: As Xena and Gabrielle are walking along the river, the upper story of a modern A-frame house comes in and out of camera view in the upper-left corner.

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