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Is There in Truth No Beauty? - S3-E5

Other mistake: In the final scene, Kirk is still in the transporter room, but does not have on a visor when the ambassador transports out. Spock has his visor on, but then you see Kirk walk out of the transporter room without a visor and he is not going mad.

Charlie X - S1-E3

Other mistake: Spock and McCoy have a brief argument over whether Charlie could have survived on his own all those years. Because they're talking at the same time, Spock saying "Doctor" as McCoy says "Mr. Spock," the closed captioner apparently misunderstood McCoy's line. The caption has him calling Spock "Dr. Spock." (00:09:15)

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Season 1 generally

Other mistake: The closing credits of thirteen episodes in season 1 have the word "Script" misspelled as "Scpipt" for the episode's script supervisor, either George Rutter or Billy Vernon. The episodes are: "Galileo Seven"; "Squire of Gothos"; "Arena"; "Tomorrow is Yesterday"; "Return of the Archons"; "Space Seed"; "A Taste of Armageddon"; "This Side of Paradise"; "Devil in the Dark"; "Errand of Mercy"; "Alternative Factor"; "City on the Edge of Forever"; "Operation: Annihilate."

The Enemy Within - S1-E6

Other mistake: Spock records a log entry as the "second officer". It appears they got "first officer" confused with "second in command." (00:36:15)

Arena - S1-E19

Other mistake: Kirk's voice-over log entry says he's been "placed on the surface of an asteroid." The Metrons earlier referred to it as a planet prepared for them with a suitable atmosphere. How and why does Kirk suddenly assume that it's an asteroid rather than a full sized planet? As an experienced space veteran, Kirk, who has already been told that it's a planet, would never make such a mistake. (00:23:45)

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The Lights of Zetar - S3-E18

Other mistake: Scotty has a science patch on instead of the engineering patch in this episode.

Tomorrow is Yesterday - S1-E20

Other mistake: In the end credits the character of Captain Christopher is credited as Major Christopher.

Whom Gods Destroy - S3-E14

Other mistake: At the end, Kirk teases Spock twice specifically about letting himself be hit on the head in order to determine which Kirk was genuine. But the phony Kirk never hit Spock on the head. He merely pushed Spock over and attacked the real Kirk. Clearly, the action sequence wound up differing from the scripted dialogue, and no one noticed. (Also clearly, Kirk is not speaking metaphorically here.) (00:45:30 - 00:49:20)

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That Which Survives - S3-E17

Other mistake: In this episode, when Kirk's phaser was on overload, it made a small explosion, but in "The Conscience of the King", a phaser on overload would destroy 2-3 decks of the Enterprise.

Balance of Terror - S1-E15

Other mistake: When the Enterprise hits the Romulan vessel, dust and bricks fall from the ceiling. A starship made of bricks?

Court Martial - S1-E21

Other mistake: Ben Finney's rank is stated as Lt. Commander. His rank insignia on his uniform shirt is that of Commander (The same as Mr. Spock whose rank is Commander).

Requiem for Methuselah - S3-E19

Other mistake: As the miniaturized Enterprise appears on the table, the support for the model appears as well.

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The Enterprise Incident - S3-E2

Other mistake: When Chapel comes into Sickbay and looks at the "dead" Captain, the camera goes to close up of Kirk, and he wakes up. After she yells for McCoy, the camera goes back to Kirk, and he goes back to sleep. The motions of him waking are obviously played in a slow reverse instead of him quickly closing his eyes.

Wolf in The Fold - S2-E14

Other mistake: In the scene near the end when Kirk orders Kyle to beam Hengist into space, Kirk and Kyle say their lines in the wrong order. Roughly: Kyle: Don't get excited, Captain. I would have done it. Kirk: Spock, you do it.

The Enemy Within - S1-E6

Other mistake: On some VHS editions of this episode, the back cover features a picture of what appears to be both good and evil Kirk sitting at a table, however this never happens anywhere in the episode. That picture is actually from the episode "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"


The Gamesters of Triskelion - S2-E16

Other mistake: When Kirk agrees to fight in the arena at the end of the episode, he and the thralls are warned that touching an opponent's color will result in the loss of a weapon. Kirk does this several times during the fight, but isn't penalized in any way.

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Let That Be Your Last Battlefield - S3-E15

Other mistake: At the end of the episode, as Lokai is running through the ship, his hands are empty. However, in one closeup shot he is holding onto a rope with his left hand. The rope is gone in the following shot. Presumably this rope was used to tether him to the camera as he ran so that he could maintain distance from the camera.

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Day of the Dove - S3-E7

Other mistake: As Kirk and party duel against the Klingons, there's a heavy-looking round conduit on the wall right before the turbolift door that gets knocked down so it stands as a big flower pot. A moment later, it's back in position.

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The Immunity Syndrome - S2-E18

Other mistake: When the probe emits a loud high-pitched tone, everyone is in pain, with the exception of Mr. Spock, who is supposed to have super sensitive hearing.

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Suggested correction: Spock has also been shown to be able to control his own pain.

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The Naked Time - S1-E5

Other mistake: After Scotty makes his remarks to Spock, he raises his phaser. The sparks start up before Scotty levels his phaser.

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Charlie X - S1-E3

Visible crew/equipment: After McCoy examines Charlie and they talk about how Charlie learned to talk by just listening to the ship's tapes, when Charlie stands up the two actors' marks can be seen on the floor - the short one for Charlie and the longer one for McCoy, where they both will stand momentarily.

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Spock: Live long and prosper.

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Trivia: Gene Roddenberry created the transporter as an easier (and cheaper) way of getting Enterprise crew members onto a planet's surface, rather than landing the ship on the planet.

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