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Whom Gods Destroy - S3-E14

Continuity mistake: After Garth attempts to convince Mr Scott that he is Captain Kirk and to beam him up, while he is banging his fists on the floor in anger he transforms back into himself and the fly like ring on his finger breaks and slides out of shot. It's quite hard to see but it does. The next time we see Garth's hand his ring is intact yet he has not transformed himself again to repair it.

Whom Gods Destroy - S3-E14

Other mistake: At the end, Kirk teases Spock twice specifically about letting himself be hit on the head in order to determine which Kirk was genuine. But the phony Kirk never hit Spock on the head. He merely pushed Spock over and attacked the real Kirk. Clearly, the action sequence wound up differing from the scripted dialogue, and no one noticed. (Also clearly, Kirk is not speaking metaphorically here.) (00:45:30 - 00:49:20)

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Whom Gods Destroy - S3-E14

Continuity mistake: When Scott orders Sulu to fire phasers to punch through the force field, the two phaser beams are diverging when they leave the ship, but converging somehow (space mirrors?) when they strike the planet. (00:41:20)

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Whom Gods Destroy - S3-E14

Continuity mistake: As Garth brings in the chair and orders the governor's torture, the pedestal fruit bowl on the table in front of Kirk keeps moving back and forth in relation to him and to the wine pitcher. (00:22:40)

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Whom Gods Destroy - S3-E14

Other mistake: The only way to beam up to the ship is to repeat the chess counter move after ASKING to be beamed aboard. After the two Captain Kirks fight ends with Spock stunning Garth with the phaser, Spock contacts the Enterprise. After saying "Spock to Enterprise, and hearing Scotty say back to him "Scott here", Scotty says" Queen to Queen's level 3" without Spock requesting to be beamed aboard or even waiting to see what Spock wanted in the first place. (00:46:56)

Journey to Babel - S2-E10

Amanda: And you, Sarek, would you also say thank you to your son?
Sarek: I don't understand.
Amanda: Well, for saving your life.
Sarek: Spock acted in the only logical manner open to him. One does not thank logic, Amanda.
Amanda: Logic, logic - I'm sick to death of logic! Do you want to know how I feel about your logic?
Spock: Emotional, isn't she?
Sarek: She has always been that way.
Spock: Indeed? Why did you marry her?
Sarek: At the time, it seemed the logical thing to do.

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Trivia: Gene Roddenberry created the transporter as an easier (and cheaper) way of getting Enterprise crew members onto a planet's surface, rather than landing the ship on the planet.

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What Are Little Girls Made Of? - S1-E8

Question: When the Enterprise is in orbit, it uses the Impulse engines to maintain orbit. The Impulse engines are located on the back (aft) of the primary saucer. Why were these not on or lit up? Unless they're using gravity, but there are the familiar engine sounds.

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Chosen answer: If they're in orbit, they're being pulled along by the planet's gravity well, therefore, impulse engines would only be used for minor corrections and would be "on standby" while in orbit, but not active. (Like keeping your car idling without revving the engine and creating plumes of exhaust).

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