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Obsession - S2-E13

Visible crew/equipment: After Garrovick is relieved of his duties, Kirk tells McCoy and Spock to make comments and recommendations in their reports, then Garrovick returns to his quarters. Just as Kirk exits the turbo lift on the bridge, the boom mic is visible at the top, left side of the screen. Then when Kirk apologizes to Scotty, in the next wide shot two pieces of filming equipment are visible at the top of the screen. (00:17:20)

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Obsession - S2-E13

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Kirk and Garrovick are beamed up seconds before the explosion, Kirk is holding his communicator up to his mouth with both hands. But when they finally materialize on the Enterprise, Kirk's hands are down at his sides: no communicator in sight. (00:47:00 - 00:48:10)

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Obsession - S2-E13

Continuity mistake: On the planet surface, in the scene where the three security men walk around the rock, Garrovick has his arm up with his phaser. When the camera angle cuts to him alone, his arm is suddenly down.

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Obsession - S2-E13

Revealing mistake: When Kirk and Garrovick are fighting at the end, Kirk knocks him down. As he helps him up, Garrovick leans against a huge boulder and the papier-mache rock moves very noticeably.

Journey to Babel - S2-E10

Amanda: And you, Sarek, would you also say thank you to your son?
Sarek: I don't understand.
Amanda: Well, for saving your life.
Sarek: Spock acted in the only logical manner open to him. One does not thank logic, Amanda.
Amanda: Logic, logic - I'm sick to death of logic! Do you want to know how I feel about your logic?
Spock: Emotional, isn't she?
Sarek: She has always been that way.
Spock: Indeed? Why did you marry her?
Sarek: At the time, it seemed the logical thing to do.

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Who Mourns for Adonais? - S2-E2

Trivia: An ending that was planned but abandoned for this episode would have revealed that Lieutenant Palamas was pregnant with Apollo's child.

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I, Mudd - S2-E8

Question: When Kirk and crew neutralized all the androids on the planet, what happened to the androids on the Enterprise running the ship?

Answer: After causing Norman to overload, all of the other androids shut down. The same could be said for the androids on the Enterprise.

Answer: If all the humans beamed down and only Androids were on the ship as Larry Mudd said then how did they get back aboard the Enterprise if all the robots were shut down.

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