Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993)

4 mistakes in season 6

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To Have and to Hold - S6-E20

Plot hole: In the ending scene, Mike has a probable concussion from her fall, so Sully keeps her awake to prevent her slipping into a coma. They talk all night, reminiscing as Mike experiences periodic pain spasms. Their talk ends with discussion over them having another child, and then they instantly engage in an intimate moment, which would be impossible, considering her condition, and without further checkup from another doctor. Sometime later she is suddenly feeling 'cured', and they return home.


A Time to Heal (2) - S6-E9

Factual error: Marjorie's tragic death: The Quinn family has her funeral in the town cemetery, where she did not belong, instead honoring her death with a vigil, then transporting her body back to Boston, to be buried properly with her Quinn relatives: A common respect reserved for dignitaries; which technically the Quinn family was/is, and soldiers.


Wave Goodbye - S6-E5

Plot hole: Dr. Mike and Daniel are discussing whether Princess Nizamoff is a fake or not, considering all the voices from the dead she performed during the séance. Yet Mike totally forgets that Mizamoff addressed her former medical professor in grave detail. Something the Princess would not have known otherwise.


Dr. Cassidy: It's your funeral, Reverend.
Rev. Timothy Johnson: Yes, it is. And I would like to wait on it.

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Legend - S5-E9

Question: When Matthew goes against Dr. Quinn's suggestion that he needs to rest and heal, and hitches his curse to leave, the sign above him says "Coopering." Shouldn't that be "Coppering"?

Answer: A Cooper was someone who made various things out of wood including wooden caskets and even barrels.

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