Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993)

2 mistakes in The Healing

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The Healing - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: Before Loren's operation, when Dr. Mike shows Jake how to administer the chloroform, she holds the bottle in her left hand and the rag in her right hand, but in the next shot both items have switched to the opposite hands. (00:21:20)

Super Grover

Dr. Cassidy: It's your funeral, Reverend.
Rev. Timothy Johnson: Yes, it is. And I would like to wait on it.

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Legend - S5-E9

Question: When Matthew goes against Dr. Quinn's suggestion that he needs to rest and heal, and hitches his curse to leave, the sign above him says "Coopering." Shouldn't that be "Coppering"?

Answer: A Cooper was someone who made various things out of wood including wooden caskets and even barrels.

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