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Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000)

3 mistakes in season 9

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Never Wait for Seconds! - S9-E8

Continuity mistake: While having brunch, Funkhouser's girlfriend's plate rotates while she puts ketchup on her potatoes. The potatoes are on the right side of the plate, then in the next shot the fruit is on the right side of the plate. (00:09:00)


The Accidental Text on Purpose - S9-E6

Factual error: Even though the exterior establishing shot suggests (and Funkhouser later mentions) that Larry's incident with the "spritzer" happened at Neiman Marcus, the scene was actually filmed inside the Saks Fifth Avenue just a couple blocks away. This is evidenced by a couple things: The gold-framed doors and gold stair railings are architectural features of the Beverly Hills Saks. Also, the sign on the display table (with the soaps and lotions) has the bolder font that Saks uses on it's in-store display signage that's similar to Gotham. Neiman Marcus uses a lighter-weighted font that's similar to Futura on their in-store display signage.

Larry: We're going to put sweet potatoes on the menu... because you can't find sweet potatoes anywhere else, have you noticed that.
Cheryl: Oh, everyone's noticed that.

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Trivia: During the dinner party, the AAMCO mechanic (played by Michael G. Hagerty) asks Larry if he had anything to do with the show Friends. He also mentions that is was a "good show". Hagerty actually starred in several episodes of Friends as the building superintendent, Mr. Treeger.

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The Smoking Jacket - S5-E6

Question: When Larry David goes to the Playboy mansion, everyone screams and runs away from him. Was there something I missed, like an inside joke or comment from an earlier show, to explain why? Or was something revealed later? Or is it just another case of strangers reacting oddly around Larry?


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