The League of Gentlemen

Trivia: To avoid conflict, and to save time, the league write the show in pairs. Mark writes with Jeremy (the unseen one), and Steve with Reece.

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Trivia: The league were invited to open a new section of the real-life butchers that they use in the show.

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The Lesbian and the Monkey - S3-E1

Trivia: At the beginning of almost every episode of the 1st and 2nd series, there was some kind of sign pinned on a lamppost/notice board/on the floor e.g. "Missing: finger". In the first episode of series 3, the church notice board has a sign that reads "Missing: Have you seen our vicar?" or something to that effect. This is in reference to the vicar, Bernice, who was 'stolen' by Papa Lazarou at the end of the Christmas special and who later returns in this series.

Trivia: Hadfield, the place the streets of Royston Vasey are filmed at, has many league related shops. These include the butchers (used in the show), which sell "Special sausages" ala the show, and The Cafe Royston, which has many themed foods, including Tubbs Teacakes.

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The Lesbian and the Monkey - S3-E1

Trivia: It is never mentioned what the 'Excocet' is in the first episode of series 3. It is actually a 12" dildo. In a deleted scene Eunice Evans is shown returning it to Pauline.

The Lesbian and the Monkey - S3-E1

Trivia: Along with a few lines from previous episodes, the Doctor in this episode is based upon a doctor from a documentary about someone having a sex change that the league find hilarious.

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Trivia: In an episode of series 1, Dr. Chinnery blows up a tortoise with pressurised air. The owner of the tortoise features again in the Christmas special of the show during the "Tale of Karrit Poor" as the owner of the rabbit Dr. Edmund Chinnery saved before he befell his unfortunate curse.

Trivia: The place where the programme is set 'Roysten Vasey' Is actually the real name of comedian Roy Chubby Brown, who appears in several shows as the mayor .

How The Elephant Got Its Trunk - S3-E6

Trivia: In the last episode of Series 3, the league wanted the animals to look nothing like animals and be obviously people inside animal suits. When making the series, they were 'forced' to use animals with people added with computer, and so the whole point was missed.

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Anarchy in Royston Vasey - S2-E5

Visible crew/equipment: When Hilary Briss and Samuel are sitting in Hilary's living room, Hilary says, "Are you alright Samuel? You look a bit nervous." When Samuel says, "Of course I'm nervous." there is a microphone at the top of the screen, above his head.

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Pauline: Ooh, it's half past nine. Time for men, men with jobs, to go to work. Other men stay in bed until dinnertime watching Tots TV, thinking about how worthless and pathetic they are... Good morning, jobseekers.

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Question: What is the "Spcial Meat" that is sold in the butchers? Most people believe it to be human flesh, but it's never specified.


Chosen answer: The members of the League refuse to admit what it's actually supposed to be, but have stated that it's possible to work it out from clues in the series. Human flesh seems like the most likely candidate, probably supplied by Edward and Tubbs from their general butchery of any non-local who sets foot in the place. Another theory is that cocaine is involved in some way as its effects seem to match most of the things that the special stuff is supposed to cause. So, combining the two, and why not, the "special stuff" is non-local human meat sausages impregnated with cocaine.

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