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10/10. One of the best shows of the 80's as well number one best detective shows. I find Mrs Angela Lansbury an absolute delight. She plays Jessica Fletcher as a kind, sharp, tough determined person mixed with Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Dr Haledjian, and Miss Marple. I would be honest in saying this is still better than modern detective shows like Monk, the whole Law and Order franchise, etc. She shows humor, an inquisitive nature, feistiness, and determination. The idea of a widowed school teacher/mystery writer/ detective is genius. If anything, this show should've gotten several Emmys for Best Actress and Best Show or whatever. I enjoy 11 of the 12 seasons, skipped Season 6. Mrs Lansbury is a gem of an actress here and still is the best ever in TV mystery shows. She possessed such a charm without needing to be glamorous like Charlie's Angels, smart alecky like Moonlighting, or defying superiors constantly like Starsky And Hutch. I feel that she was a true feminist like Susan B. Anthony without needing to put on false machismo like Police Woman did. I feel for perfect mystery TV it'll always be Jessica (J.B.) Fletcher in Cabot Cove.


Sing a Song of Murder - S2-E5

Revealing mistake: When the first scene at Emma's hideaway was shown, obviously the two characters Emma and Jessica were filmed seperately on the couch and then the film was put together (as both are played by Angela Lansbury). However Jessica did a lot of moving while she was talking, so Emma was looking straight across at where she had been, despite her bending down while she talked.

Dan Moat

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Chosen answer: This is the very reason my brother and I used to jokingly call the show, "Murder, She Caused." It's amazing she was ever on anyone's guest list for a party, given the likelihood someone would end up deceased. As to your question, most of the time, Jessica Fletcher would have had an air-tight alibi, as she was in a room full of people, or her whereabouts were accounted for when a murder occurred elsewhere. It also seems to me that there were episodes where she, purely with respect to opportunity, could have been a suspect. I believe she even acknowledged that as a logical possibility from time to time, even though she knew, of course, she was not the killer. However, the investigation would obviously rule out the possibility of her involvement, eventually.

Michael Albert

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