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Murder, She Wrote (1984)

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Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 0
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 The Murder of Sherlock Holmes 4
2 Deadly Lady 1
3 Birds of a Feather 0
4 Hooray for Homicide 0
5 It's a Dog's Life 0
6 Lovers and Other Killers 0
7 Hit, Run and Homicide 0
8 We're Off to Kill the Wizard 0
9 Death Takes a Curtain Call 1
10 Death Casts a Spell 0
11 Capitol Offense 0
12 Broadway Malady 0
13 Murder to a Jazz Beat 0
14 My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean 0
15 Paint Me a Murder 1
16 Tough Guys Don't Die 0
17 Sudden Death 0
18 Footnote to Murder 0

Sing a Song of Murder - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: When Emma was almost hit by a car she jumped up onto the edge of the wall and then back down onto the floor. When she landed she was facing the theatre door, but when Oliver came of the door and the shot changed, she was facing away from the wall. This happened in the transition from stunt person to Angela.

Dan Moat

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A Christmas Secret - S9-E9

Trivia: This is the only episode in the entire series where the victim is attacked but is later revealed to be still alive.

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Answer: It was never revealed what caused Frank's death.

raywest Premium member

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