The Brady Bunch

54-40 and Fight - S1-E15

Other mistake: The scene where Alice is giving Tiger a bath was the same one used in "Katchoo Katchoo", albeit with some audio dubbing thrown in, like when Alice complains about the floor getting wet. (00:04:05)

Jeff Swanson

54-40 and Fight - S1-E15

Other mistake: A final contest is given for control of "green stamps" with all the kids building a "House of Cards." Whomever causes the cards to fall will be the losers. All is going well until Tiger comes in and knocks into Greg and causes him to bump the table and knock over the cards. If you watch closely at the end of the scene, when all the dialog is finished, you can see Mike trying to knock down a few remaining cards. However they keep popping up. Probably due to the fact that the cards were glued together to make it easier for the kids to build upon.

The Hero - S1-E21

Other mistake: Carol grabs a pot holder with her right hand and removes a small cake from the oven. The cake pan is obviously not hot. It starts to tip and Carol steadies it by placing her bare left hand on the underside of the pan.

Quarterback Sneak - S5-E9

Other mistake: When the boys are playing football in the backyard, watch Greg's right foot - at one point he slips on the Astroturf lawn, causing it to wrinkle and exposing a seam on the "grass" lawn. (00:03:20)

Jeff Swanson

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Suggested correction: At no time in the show did they affirm the grass in the backyard is real. Many houses, particularly out west where the show takes place, have artificial grass as it's often easier than caring for real grass which tends to dry up easily out west or not grow at all in some areas. Even in A Very Brady Renovation they made sure to use artificial grass for the backyard.

The grass is supposed to be real. There are several episodes where they are mowing the lawn.


But the renovation show was in 2019. In the early 70s artificial grass was only starting to be adopted in sports stadiums. Not used in homes until many years later.

Grand Canyon or Bust - S3-E2

Other mistake: Just after Bobby and Cindy get lost, there are shots showing Mike and Carol calling for them. A couple of minutes later the same shots are shown again, but this time they're flipped. (00:22:00)

Jeff Swanson

Is There a Doctor in the House? - S1-E13

Other mistake: At the end of the episode, when they were looking at the chart they created, and Alice was found to add the measles, you see Mike Brady adding the word "Alice." But the kids and Tiger all had columns, but he is adding her as an extra row, which was for the different illnesses, to suggest that Alice was an illness instead of a person having the illness.

Jan's Aunt Jenny - S3-E17

Other mistake: When Jan finds the picture of her Aunt Jenny, we see a close-up of the picture with her hand holding it. She then passes it to Carol - and the same shot of the picture with the hand is shown again. (00:02:10)

Jeff Swanson

Coming-Out Party - S2-E17

Other mistake: When Mike calls home from the office on the rotary dial, his finger dials only two possible numbers 3,4 repeatedly. Not 762-0799 or 555-6161 the two numbers that the Bradys had during the run of the show. (00:17:15)


Today, I Am a Freshman - S4-E4

Other mistake: In one of the final scenes, Peter ignites his volcano on the patio in front of Marcia and the members of the Boosters Club. As the volcano goes haywire, Marcia and the Boosters are shrieking as the lava/mud covers them head to toe. Somehow Peter, who is much closer to the volcano, is unscathed by the eruption and remains free of any dirt.


The Dropout - S2-E1

Other mistake: When Greg is in the kitchen getting ready to leave for the baseball game, there is a number 53 on the back of his jersey. In the following scene at the baseball park, there is another man with his back turned throwing practice balls, who also has the number 53 on the back of his jersey. It is clear that it is not the same person.

The Babysitters - S2-E2

Other mistake: Near the end when Greg goes into the living room to call the police, he picks up the phone receiver and says into it "Jan, hang up the phone, I have to make an important call." But Jan was in the TV room, watching the TV, sitting next to Marcia.

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Suggested correction: The phone is sitting next to her on the couch and you can see she's on the phone.


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Season 2 generally

Question: In season 2, there were 5 episodes made without one of the kids appearing in the episode. (Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Peter, and Bobby were each absent one episode). What was the reason behind this?

Answer: Much trivia has been written about "The Brady Bunch, " including the various interrelationships and dynamics among the members of the cast. For example, much has been written about why Robert Reed's Mike Brady did not appear in a couple of episodes, including the series finale, due to rancorous creative and artistic differences with series creator, Sherwood Schwartz. However, in contrast, I have never run across any reasons given why a particular child did not appear in specific episodes - only that the episodes were missed. This suggests the causes were likely unexceptional, such as illness, injuries, vacations, or real-life family obligations.

Michael Albert

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