The Brady Bunch
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 2
13 The Impractical Joker 1
14 Where There's Smoke 1
15 Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up? 0
16 The Drummer Boy 0
17 Coming-Out Party 1
18 Our Son, the Man 1
19 The Liberation of Marcia Brady 0
20 Lights Out 2
21 The Winner 2
22 Double Parked 1
23 Alice's September Song 1
24 Tell it Like It Is 0
Season 3
Season 3 generally 0
1 Ghost Town, U.S.A. 1
2 Grand Canyon or Bust 2
3 The Brady Braves 0
4 The Wheeler-Dealer 0
5 My Sister, Benedict Arnold 1
6 The Personality Kid 2
7 Juliet is the Sun 1

Sergeant Emma - S3-E20

Audio problem: At the end of the show when Alice is blowing the whistle, the whole family comes to the top of the stairs. Mike says "Alice, it's 6 o'clock in the morning" Watch his mouth. It looks as though he curses and the (curse) word was dubbed out.

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Season 2 generally

Question: In season 2, there were 5 episodes made without one of the kids appearing in the episode. (Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Peter, and Bobby were each absent one episode). What was the reason behind this?

Answer: Much trivia has been written about "The Brady Bunch, " including the various interrelationships and dynamics among the members of the cast. For example, much has been written about why Robert Reed's Mike Brady did not appear in a couple of episodes, including the series finale, due to rancorous creative and artistic differences with series creator, Sherwood Schwartz. However, in contrast, I have never run across any reasons given why a particular child did not appear in specific episodes - only that the episodes were missed. This suggests the causes were likely unexceptional, such as illness, injuries, vacations, or real-life family obligations.

Michael Albert

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