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4 mistakes in You Can't Win 'Em All

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You Can't Win 'Em All - S4-E22

Continuity mistake: At the start, when Cindy walks into the kitchen she sets her books down on the counter with the book's binding facing the sink, but in the closeup the book's binding now faces the opposite way, toward the stove. Additionally, the grocery bag which was on the counter right beside Carol, has been moved for the closeup so Carol is in full view, but the bag is now at the very edge of the counter near the stove, which is pretty odd since there's not enough counter there to actually hold the full grocery bag (presumably something else supported the bag off camera). (00:01:30)

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You Can't Win 'Em All - S4-E22

Revealing mistake: When Cindy and her parents get home after the television show, just as Carol and Mike walk down the steps the set's unfinished wood can be seen at the edge of the steps, at the bottom right corner of the screen. (00:22:40)

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Bobby Brady: Mom always says not to play ball in the house.

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54-40 and Fight - S1-E15

Question: Would someone please explain to me why Marcia did not just simply remove her dangly bracelet that endangered the girls standing in the house of cards competition after Carol said "Oh Marcia, Marcia, your bracelet"? It would have made it less stressful on her not to mention her team, and she wouldn't have had to restrain it with her other hand.

Answer: There were several episodes throughout the run of the show where Marcia was infatuated with a guy she went to school with. This bracelet could have been a gift from her then-boyfriend; as such, she would not want to take it off, as a sign of loyalty. A stupid thing to do, of course, but it's not a mistake for a character simply to be dumb.

Matty Blast

Answer: The dangling bracelet was used for dramatic purposes - to keep the audience on edge.

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