The Brady Bunch

Brace Yourself - S1-E20

New this month Audio problem: When Marcia comes downstairs before the dance Alan shows her his new braces, and as they both head toward the door we hear the clear sound of shoes walking on a wood floor, even though they're walking on carpet. (00:23:50)

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Brace Yourself - S1-E20

New this month Visible crew/equipment: While Alice is hemming up Marcia's party dress, when Bobby and Jan walk into the family room the actor's black tape mark is visible on the floor in front of Bobby's feet. Note that it wasn't on the floor at the start of the scene. (00:10:35)

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The Big Sprain - S1-E19

New this month Visible crew/equipment: After Alice trips on the Chinese checkers, when Mike gathers the kids in the family room to update them, the shadow of the moving boom mic is visible at the top right corner of the screen. (00:02:50)

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Kitty Karry-All is Missing - S1-E7

New this month Visible crew/equipment: After Bobby walks out of the family room playing his kazoo, when Cindy places Kitty Karry-All on the couch so she can get the bottle, the actor's black tape mark is visible on the floor beside the couch, where Bobby had been standing. (00:02:40)

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Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore - S1-E4

New this month Visible crew/equipment: While "operation Alice" is underway, after Carol tells Alice to stop organizing the canned goods, when Alice places the step stool chair against the wall the black tape mark is visible on the floor where Carol had been standing, and then it's gone as the scene continues. (00:19:00)

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Dear Libby - S1-E2

New this month Visible crew/equipment: When Carol questions Greg, Jan, and Peter about the argument she heard, Greg tells her it was on TV, and as the three kids sit down the actor's two tapes marks are visible on the floor in front of Peter's feet. (00:10:00)

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Sergeant Emma - S3-E20

Audio problem: At the end of the show when Alice is blowing the whistle, the whole family comes to the top of the stairs. Mike says "Alice, it's 6 o'clock in the morning" Watch his mouth. It looks as though he curses and the (curse) word was dubbed out.

54-40 and Fight - S1-E15

Other mistake: The scene where Alice is giving Tiger a bath was the same one used in "Katchoo Katchoo", albeit with some audio dubbing thrown in, like when Alice complains about the floor getting wet. (00:04:05)

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The Personality Kid - S3-E6

Continuity mistake: When Peter comes down to answer the phone, he's wearing a blue shirt. When he hangs up the phone, his shirt color changes to a light red/pink color. Then back to blue again.

The Tattle-Tale - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: When Cindy goes downstairs to ask "isn't anyone coming up to say goodnight?" or something similar, when Alice is talking to Mike and Carol about Sam not coming over, Cindy is wearing her pyjamas. She then gets in trouble and goes straight back up to her room and she is suddenly dressed in jeans and a top - her hair has different hair ties in it too.

The Private Ear - S3-E9

Continuity mistake: The microphone next to the tape recorder moves from one shot to the next. (00:26:05)

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The Not-So-Ugly Duckling - S2-E9

Continuity mistake: When Jan comes home and tells her parents that Clark didn't notice her at school, she's wearing a white blouse with a floral design and a red ribbon in her hair, but when she gets to her bedroom and accuses Marcia, she's wearing a striped blouse and a light green hair ribbon. Then when Jan talks to Greg she's wearing a green tee shirt and a dark green ribbon, but when she asks permission to go to the store she's back in the striped blouse and light green ribbon.

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Fright Night - S4-E6

Continuity mistake: When Jan, Marcia, and Cindy search the boys' room Cindy finds the slide projector under Greg's bed, and when Marcia holds up the transparency slide with the "ghost" image, the close-up of the slide presents two problems. First, the "ghost" is horizontal in the wide shots, but is vertical in the close-ups, and second, the fingers holding the slide in the close-up do not belong to Marcia.

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Try, Try Again - S5-E10

Continuity mistake: In the kitchen when Jan announces that she took up tap dancing, Mike's first button goes from buttoned to unbuttoned a few times during the scene. (00:06:00)


The Winner - S2-E21

Continuity mistake: When Mike and Carroll drive Bobby to the TV show for the ice cream eating contest they leave in the blue convertible. They return home in the brown station wagon.


Click - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: The last line of Alice's recipe, written on the chalkboard, changes from "3 egg yolk" to "3 egg yolks" and back again. (00:06:15)

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The Hero - S1-E21

Visible crew/equipment: When the shelf falls in the store, you can see the rope attached to the top of the shelving unit being pulled from off-screen triggering the collapse of the shelving unit, it was not the girl's weight that made it tip.

A Room at the Top - S4-E23

Continuity mistake: In "Our Son, the Man", Greg wants his own room. One night, while in bed, Mike and Carol discuss their options. Carol says, "How about the attic?" Mike responds with, "That would be fine if Greg were only two and a half feet tall." Later, they give Greg the den for a while. However, in "A Room At the Top", after cleaning out the attic, which was now full size, both Greg and Marcia want it for their own private room.

What Goes Up . . . - S2-E11

Revealing mistake: When Peter is on the trampoline, instead of saying "Peter," Carol says, "Go get 'em, Chris!" and a few minutes later the same thing happens after Cindy has a turn alone, you can hear Greg say "Why don't you give it a try, Eve?" (00:18:10 - 00:19:50)

What Goes Up . . . - S2-E11

Deliberate mistake: While Bobby's parakeet is flying around downstairs, before the bird settles down on the TV set there are two closeups of Bobby which are flipped shots, note the furniture and Bobby's PJs. (00:07:00)

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Bobby Brady: Mom always says not to play ball in the house.

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Snow White and the Seven Bradys - S5-E3

Trivia: The teacher being honored, "Mrs. Whitfield", was played by Frances Whitfield who was the on-set "teacher/legal supervisor/referee" for the kids during the show's run.

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