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Fire and Terror - S1-E2

Corrected entry: When Fowler first meets the Chief Constable he tells him that he cannot remove his hat because he is a Sikh (the hat is really full of vomit), but towards the end of the episode he is not wearing his hat when talking to the Chief Constable, who doesn't seem surprised at this shift in attitude.

Correction: This is just the chief constable's ignorance of other religions. He has not questioned it on the basis he doesn't understand the Sikh religion.

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Answer: Inspector Grim later told Inspector Fowler that "a credit card belonging to you has been used to hire a car which was subsequently deployed in a drug deal", which implies the cards were taken prior to the morning briefing. As Fowler had been out before work to buy a present for the Queen, it's plausible he lost his card (s) then.

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Inspector Fowler stated that his wallet was stolen from him at the morning briefing.

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