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Question: How does the city of Townsville get put back together each time after it gets destroyed? Does it magically repair itself?

Answer: This show is a highly stylized satire of superhero tales, and as such there is never an explanation how Townsville is repaired after all the destruction. There is similarly never any real explanation how Metropolis is put back together after Superman fights a bad guy. Powerpuff Girls takes this concept to the extreme to point out the absurdity of mainstream superhero stories.


Answer: A representative for the broadcast company refused to say why, only that it was the "content" of the episode. A search of the term 'rowdyruff' on a search engine returns a multitude of XXX related sites. Perhaps this may lean to an explanation.


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Question: I've heard that the original name for this show wasn't "The Powerpuff Girls" and that the original name had to be censored. Anyone knows what was the original name of this show and why it was censored?

Answer: The original name of the show was "The Whoopass Girls", so called because their father accidentally spilled a can of whoopass into the sugar, spice, and everything nice. The reason that this was changed should be obvious. You'll never be able to sell a bunch of toys to children if these toys have the the word "whoopass" on the front.


Answer: The Mayor says he could never get to the crime scene fast enough and Major Man says "of course not, you'd have to know about the crime in advance, like I do." Major Man let it slip he knew when the crimes were going to happen (because he was setting them up).


Answer: Buttercup is a hero, but she is also a 5-year-old child. She still needs to learn the same moral lessons any other child would. The girls often make the same questionable decisions regular kids do in real life, taken to an extreme because they have super powers and fight crime. Also, this is a highly stylized and over the top show where character traits are regularly exaggerated for a laugh.


Answer: They have fingers. It's just artistic license how their hands are drawn.

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The same way they don't have proper feet. Just shoes on the end of their legs.

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Twisted Sister / Cover Up - S2-E11

Question: After Buttercup loses her blanket a monster attacks Townsville, and Buttercup doesn't have the confidence to defeat it until Blossom goes to the house, comes back with her blanket, and gives it to her. Buttercup gets her confidence back and defeats the monster. But later Blossom tells Buttercup it's not her real blanket. It's just a fake blanket she found to get her through the fight. How would Blossom know if it was Buttercup's real blanket or not? It looks exactly like the real blanket.

Answer: It depends on where Blossom found the new blanket. For example, if she found the blanket for sale brand new in a store, she would know it wasn't Buttercup's real blanket.


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Buttercup: Well, I wish there is something that would happen.
Bubbles: The gang Green gang! You wish for them? I thought you were over them.
Buttercup: Why do you gotta bring up old stuff?

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