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Corrected entry: Not sure of the episode name, but the episode where Mojo, Him, and 2 other villains join forces, absolutely everything in the episode refers to The Beatles, from what they call themselves to song references to quotes. One example is when they are taking several pictures: this references to the cover of "A Hard Day's Night."

Correction: The episode is called "The Beat-alls", and is an obvious parody/homage to the Beatles. This isn't really trivia as it's obvious to anyone watching the episode.

Jason Hoffman

The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever / Just Desserts - S2-E10

Corrected entry: Mudd shouldn't have hated the Powerpuff girls. In the first episode, they seemed to be the only thing he DID like.


Correction: Mudd stated that he 'hates everything'. He probably hates the Powerpuff girls for no reason.

Nano Of The North - S4-E8

Corrected entry: When the girls first came out of the machine, they didn't fly very fast. How come they were able to avoid the monobots hits?

Correction: The idea was supposed to be that they were completely scaled-down, meaning even their flight speed was slow compared to the rest of the world. The same went for the monobots, so they were on the same scale, and had comparable movement levels. it looked like the ppg were 'flying slowly' because it would be impossible to draw them as tiny as they were but zoomed out far enough to see how slow they were.

The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever / Just Desserts - S2-E10

Plot hole: The children decided that they hated the Powerpuff girls in one day. Then how did they have supervillain costumes and a van? The mom said they had lots of time to prepare.

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Buttercup: It's about time the Mayor filled that giant pothole.
Bubbles: I think it's nice that the Mayor is keeping Townsville nice.
Bubbles: Uh, filling potholes is his job, Bubbles. Being nice has nothing to do with it.

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Insect Inside / Powerpuff Bluff - S1-E1

Trivia: In "Powerpuff Bluff", Dexter makes a cameo appearance when the kindergarten kids have a nap time.

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