Quantum Leap

Good Night, Dear Heart - November 9, 1957 - S2-E17

Factual error: At the end, Sam reads a poem from a Mark Twain book and says, "Twain wrote it when his daughter died." But the poem, famous because it was engraved on the daughter's headstone, isn't by Twain, but by poet Robert Richardson. Twain never claimed authorship, so Sam couldn't be reading it with Twain's byline from any of his books. (00:48:00)

Jean G

The Americanization of Machiko - August 4, 1953 - S2-E3

Factual error: In the scene where the guy is telling Machiko about the major league teams that wanted him, he mentions the Indians, Yankees, and Orioles. The episode is set in 1953 and the story is from before World War II. While there had been a minor league team called the Orioles up to that point, there was no major league team called the Orioles until 1954.

M.I.A. - April 1, 1969 - S2-E22

Factual error: Though this episode takes place on April 1st, 1969, a freshly-painted sign in the park contradicts the date. In the scene with the hippies in which Sam is disguised as a meditating guru, the huge sign just behind him touts the San Diego Centennial Celebration - in 1968. (00:16:00)

Jean G

So Help Me God - July 29, 1957 - S2-E9

Factual error: At one point when Sam is visiting Delilah in the courthouse he is hugging her and the Sheriff guarding the door comes in and sees them. As the sheriff is leaving, he has a patch on his arm that says "County Sheriff." As this episode took place in Louisiana, there would only be Parish Sheriffs, not a County Sheriff.

Joel Amos Gordon

The Wrong Stuff - January 24, 1961 - S4-E7

Factual error: Al says he was an astronaut and flew around the moon, describing a mission that sounds precisely like Apollo 8 (10 orbits around the moon, reading of Genesis, etc). In the season 2 finale episode 'MIA, ' set in 1969, Al says he was shot down in Vietnam two years earlier, in 1967, taken prisoner and not freed until 1973. The Apollo 8 mission flew in Dec. 1968, meaning Al would have been a POW at the time. Also, NASA astronauts aren't generally sent to serve as pilots in active war zones.


Blind Faith - February 6, 1964 - S2-E5

Factual error: The episode takes place in New York in February. During the scene with the Beatles arriving at the theater, we see a tree that has very green and full leaves on it. Trees with green leaves are visible in other parts of the episode as well.

manthabeat Premium member

Private Dancer - October 6, 1979 - S3-E14

Factual error: When Sam knocks on Diana's door, she opens it. But we've just been told that she's completely deaf, so there's no way she could have heard him knocking. Though she dances to "vibrations in the air," this is with music played at volumes high enough to cause such vibrations. Sam is absolutely not banging on her door that loudly.

Jean G

Maybe Baby - March 11, 1963 - S2-E20

Factual error: At the beginning when escaping, the song playing on the radio in the truck is "My Boyfriend's Back" by The Angels, which was released in July 1963, four months after the episode's date of March 1963. (00:04:00)


Her Charm - September 26, 1973 - S2-E15

Factual error: When they arrive at the Federal Building, an exterior shot shows a green Karmann Ghia exiting with California license plate 1MMW713, except 1XXX plates first were issued in 1980. A blue California plate for the time should have been just XXX. (00:06:20)


Her Charm - September 26, 1973 - S2-E15

Factual error: Sam is wearing a Casio calculator watch, which we are shown up close when he is driving the laundry van. The first calculator watch was made by Pulsar in 1975, and Casio's first calculator watch was released in the 1980s, long after this episode's 1973 date. (00:15:25)


Another Mother - September 30, 1981 - S2-E13

Factual error: When the boys are talking to Jackie to get her to cooperate with their plan, the song Shake It Up by The Cars is playing, except the show is set at September 30, 1981, and the song was released in November 1981. And it wasn't a pre-release demo version on the radio since the song was still being mixed at Syncro Sound Studios in early October. (00:23:00)


Animal Frat - October 19, 1967 - S2-E12

Factual error: When Sam is in the library, there are multiple book titles visible that were published after the show's date of 1967. The clearest is when Sam and Duck tussle, the book "Men How To Understand Your Symptoms" falls on Sam - this book was first published in 1986. (00:29:00)


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Al: Well, we been having some difficulty. Ziggy, he's, uh, going through mood swings. I think we need get a girl computer put it right next to him, one with a nice set of hard disks.
Sam: You would.

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Mirror Image - August 8, 1953 - S5-E22

Question: I believe in the final episode, Al the bartender asked Sam where he would like to go and Sam said home. He then said he couldn't because he had a wrong to put right for his hologram friend Al, which he did. After telling Al's wife that Al is alive he leaps. I think it said after that that Sam never makes it home. So does he continue leaping forever or is he stuck in the last person he leaps into? I know he lost his memory but what happened after that?

Carl Missouri

Chosen answer: per the Quantum leap page at http://www.scifi.com/quantum/episodes/season5.html. 8 August 1953: An enigmatic leap lands Sam in a Pennsylvania tavern, as his own grown self on the day of his birth. As Al and Gushie work frantically to locate him, Sam befriends a wise bartender (popular character actor McGill, who'd appeared in a different role in the very first "leap") and a group of coal miners. As a host of familiar-looking faces pass through the bar — with different identities than Sam remembers — Sam ponders his life of leaping with Al the bartender, who tells Sam he controls his own destiny. Pressed for more, Al the bartender simply shrugs and says, "Sometimes, 'that's the way it is' is the best explanation." Sam realizes he must right at least one more wrong before he can go home, and leaps back to tell Al Calvavicci's wife Beth (from "M.I.A.") to wait for Al, who will survive Vietnam and come home to her. The closing title cards state that Beth and Al have four daughters and will shortly celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary ... and that Sam Beckett never returned home.


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