Bewitched (1964)

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Disappearing Samantha - S2-E27

Corrected entry: Lecturer Osgood Writemeyer (later Dr. Bombay played by Bernard Fox) takes a drink from Samantha while Endora is walking around couch to give drink to Osgood. Osgood takes the drink from Samantha but says "Thank you Endora" instead.

Correction: The person you hear saying, "Oh, thank you, Endora," is Larry Tate, who just picked up a Bloody Mary from Endora's tray of drinks.

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Samantha Goes South for a Spell - S5-E2

Corrected entry: Sam's note says Tabitha is going with her, however when she returns Tabitha is not with her.

Correction: Sam explained that she came back because she forgot her shopping list. She most likely left Tabitha in the car, intending to retrieve the list and then leave again.

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Double, Double, Toil and Trouble - S4-E4

Revealing mistake: As Serena gets hit by the pie her real blonde hair shows underneath, also, she wears minimal make-up for the only time.

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Darrin Stephens: Sam, don't expect your mother to be gracious. She doesn't do imitations.

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Trivia: Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha) was actually able to twitch her nose, to move her nose back and forth. Many believe that the editors sped up the film to enhance her twitch.

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Suggested correction: She moved her mouth, according to Erin Murphy.

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