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Dead Like Me (2003)

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Plot hole: Dead Like Me: Life After Death DVD movie: When he's robbing the grocery store, we see Mason from the point of view of the security camera. We see the Mason that the reapers and the dead see, but we should be seeing the face that is visible to the outside world.


Show generally

Continuity mistake: The waitress played by Patricia Idlette is named Kiffani starting with episode 12, but in the first couple of episodes of the first season her name badge reads "Gerri."


Show generally

Continuity mistake: Dead Like Me: Life After Death DVD movie: In the scene outside the theatre, the flower appears in Daisy's hand before Mason has given it to her.


George: Who do I have to kill to get some attention around here.

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Reaping Havoc - S1-E5

Question: What is the song playing over the end of "Reaping Havoc", after Betty has thrown herself into the void? It plays at several other times this season, but this is the first and longest playing of it.


Chosen answer: The Song is Callled "Boom Boom Ba" and is by the band Metisse. it plays at certain points during the series. Mainly when George is looking over Reggie or in Reaping Havoc where it plays whilst shes showing her scrapbook "Mysterious and Reassuring" which is what she thought Betty was.

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