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Corrected entry: In the episode "Always" it is stated that Rube died in 1927, and in the episode "Curious George" there is a flashback where Betty takes the ring off of her corpse, and the gravestone says "Betty 1899-1926," but in the beginning of the episode "Reaping Havoc," you see un-dead Rube in the flashback where Betty dies. At this point, Rube should still be alive.

Correction: The 1927 date of death given in "Always" is only George's answer about to the bet Penny and Mason had about Rube's DOD and, as such, could easily be wrong. We have no definite answer as to what year Rube died, except that it was apparently before Betty died since he was a reaper then.

Be Still My Heart - S2-E9

Corrected entry: As Roxy takes Tess (Daisy's reap) out of the hotel room, she trails her fingers across the door frame and very obviously makes contact. The problem is that dead people are incorporeal, as we see within two seconds as she goes straight through the crime scene tape.


Correction: Tess also had no problem sitting on the floor in the corner crying while touching the walls. We do know that the dead can interact with matter some times in the pilot George walked though the kitchen door and it swings a little, in the Shallow End Stan (Mr Big Balls)has no problem sitting in a booth at Das Waffel Haus, there are many others examples.

Pilot (2 hours) - S1-E1

Corrected entry: After Rube and George order, in the diner, the waitress comes back with their food waaay too soon.

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Correction: Breakfast food at a diner doesn't take much time to prepare and this restaurant had an excellent cook.

Pilot (2 hours) - S1-E1

Corrected entry: The dead (not counting reapers, who are undead) aren't corporeal - that is, they can't touch stuff and people pass right through them. So how can the woman who gets crushed by the piano lock Roxy out of her van?


Correction: Also in the Pilot, we see that when angry enough the dead can affect things. For example, George causes the door to move at the after-funeral dinner, as well as forming the word "Moist" with the magnets on her refigerator. Most people don't affect things, but this same episode shows that it's possible.

Reaping Havoc - S1-E5

Corrected entry: The picture that George takes of Betty comes out looking like the Betty that George and the viewers always see, but it should have come out looking like Un-Betty, who would be completely different.


Correction: Betty appearing as herself was deliberate. George took the photo just as Betty was preparing to jump into the vortex. Instead of appearing as Un-Betty, she appeared as herself to signify that she had undergone a metaphysical change.


Sunday Mornings - S1-E9

Corrected entry: Georgia tells Charlotte that Rube and Roxy are her "stepfather and his wife." But Rube could only be Georgia's stepfather if his wife were Georgia's mother, making Roxy and Rube Georgia's "mother and stepfather." Even if the relationship that Georgia described could possibly occur through a complicated series of remarriages and custody battles, it should have spurred a question from Charlotte, which it did not.


Correction: George spurted the first thing that came to her mind, and Charlotte just didn't catch it.


Always - S2-E14

Corrected entry: Near the end of the episode when Rube's daughter is about to die and he confronts her, she recognizes him. In the first episode of the series they tell us that the reaper's faces are changed so they don't look how they used to, but Rube's daughter knows it's him.

Correction: As is evident by Georgia's sister recognizing her it seems that people who were close to the reapers can recognize them despite the change in appearence.

Curious George - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Rube shakes hands with the animal protesters, he is not wearing the trash bag while shaking their hands. He is wearing the trash bag immediately before and after. (00:04:45)

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Suggested correction: He is wearing the trash bag because one of the posters commits on it.

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Roxy: Nice Cross. How'd you get the blood off?
Daisy Adair: Oh easy, soap and water.

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