Farscape (1999)

2 mistakes in DNA Mad Scientist

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DNA Mad Scientist - S1-E9

Visible crew/equipment: While Rygel's in his quarters tossing out his junk, when D'Argo walks in and asks him about it, as Rygel replies, "Just items that I've procured since our escape," the hand of the puppeteer can be seen behind Rygel at the left side of the screen.

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Question: Why is John's Farscape-1 module able to navigate wormholes where some other, more sophisticated craft, notably Peacekeeper Prowlers, cannot without liquifying passengers?


Chosen answer: It's never explained. John mentions a theory that his less technologically developed craft simply interferes with the wormhole less than the "superior" Vipers, but they never make a concrete determination on that point. But we also have to take into account the fact that Moya traverses wormholes with no ill effect as well.

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