Full House

The House Meets the Mouse (1) - S6-E23

Trivia: In Disney Land, D.J. thinks that many different Disney characters are Steve, including Aladdin, a character that Scott Weinger, the actor who played Steve, voiced.

Michelle Rides Again (2) - S8-E24

Trivia: This final episode marks the 4th and final time that the Olsen twins would act side by side in the same scene in a Full House episode.

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The Seven-Month Itch (1) - S1-E19

Trivia: This episode is the first time the Olsen twins acted side by side in the same scene.

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Season 1 generally

Trivia: In the first season, the producers of the show didn't want people to know that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were two people so they credited them as "Mary Kate Ashley Olsen"

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Comet's Excellent Adventure - S8-E1

Trivia: This episode of Full House was actually filmed on location in San Francisco. Coit Tower and Fisherman's Wharf were used for some of the outdoor scenes.

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Michelle Rides Again (2) - S8-E24

Trivia: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Michelle) didn't know it was end of the show until the filming crew finished shooting, and people gave them flowers. They were sad when they found out.

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Michelle Rides Again (2) - S8-E24

Trivia: The last words said on the show are "just like we always will."

Michelle a la Cart - S7-E20

Trivia: In the back of the living room there is a large mannequin that always wears the same clothes as Joey is wearing.

Love on the Rocks - S7-E19

Trivia: Prior to filming this episode, Jodie Sweetin broke her arm. There wasn't enough time to re-write the script to explain her injury so for this episode she was dressed in an oversized long-sleeved shirt to hide her cast. It wasn't until the following episode that her cast was revealed and the injury explained.

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Breaking Away - S8-E2

Trivia: Michelle's condescending treatment of Stephanie's best pal Gia is like a re-creation of the way Stephanie always talked to DJ's best friend Kimmy.


Dateless in San Francisco - S8-E17

Trivia: When Michelle and Teddy are writing Lenny's name, you can see that it is Mary-Kate Olsen that is writing the name because she is left-handed and Ashley is right-handed.


Breaking Away - S8-E2

Trivia: In this episode, Jesse pulls Nicky and Alex out of preschool, just as he did with Michelle in Season 3.


Season 4 generally

Trivia: Jaleel White's guest appearances this season as Steve Urkel created a gaping plot hole in the second episode of Step by Step: in that episode, White also guest starred as Urkel, and interacted with the show's characters. But Step by Step treats Full House as a fictional television series; thus, Urkel couldn't have appeared as a "real" person, because he was a character on a "fictional" show.

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Aftershocks - S3-E11

Trivia: True fact, California actually had an earthquake in 1989, and it interrupted a baseball game.


Our Very First Promo - S1-E12

Continuity mistake: In episode 10 (Joey's Place) the Tanner family move Joey into the garage, redecorating it so the entire place is filled with Joey's furniture, but in this episode it shows the characters in and out of the garage which is completely empty and back the way it was before Joey moved in. Later in the episode Joey's stuff is out of the alcove again.

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Steph: Oh no, it's Kimmy Gibbleburger.

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