Full House
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 6
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Our Very First Show 4
2 Our Very First Night 2
3 The First Day of School 0
4 The Return of Grandma 2
5 Sea Cruise 3
6 Daddy's Home 2
7 Knock Yourself Out 0
8 Jesse's Girl 0
9 The Miracle of Thanksgiving 0
10 Joey's Place 1
11 The Big Three-O 2
12 Our Very First Promo 2
13 Sister Love 1
14 Half A Love Story 1
15 A Pox in Our House 0
16 But Seriously Folks 0
17 Danny's Very First Date 0
18 Just One of the Guys 2

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In the first episode, in DJ's room when Stephanie is crawling across the curtain rod, you'll notice that there is a giant window, and a window behind Stephanie's bed. In later episodes, the giant window turns into a 3-paned bay window, and the window behind Stephanie's bed disappears.

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Jesse: Joseph, it's finally happened! He's cleaning liquid soap.
Danny Tanner: Don't be silly. I'm just cleaning my rubber gloves.
Joey: Danny, there's no shame in therapy.

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Chosen answer: The first time was in the first season, episode 19 "The Seven-Month Itch", the second was in the fourth season, episode 1 "Greek Week", the third time was in the fifth season, episode 19 "The Devil Made Me Do It" and finally in the very last episode of the series, "Michelle Rides Again", season 8 episode 23.


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