Stargate SG-1

Trivia: SGC is a fictional location, its home base at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a real-life Air Force facility. The exterior shot of the main entrance tunnel to the mountain base is the actual entrance. And has been seen in other films and TV shows.


Trivia: The DeLuise brothers appear from time to time throughout the series. For example, in Series 5, Episode 15, Peter DeLuise plays the director of the sci-fi movie "Wormhole X-treme." He also appears in several episodes as a background character. They were coproducers of the show.


Bane - S2-E10

Trivia: During a scene in the derelict building Teal'c and Ally are hiding in, you'll notice significant graffiti on the walls. In one shot, there is visible graffiti on the right-side wall, with the word "F*CK". Also, earlier in the episode just before SG-1 are initially attacked by the giant insects, you can see traffic driving by in the background, through the windows of the glass building.

Threads - S8-E18

Trivia: Two of the names seen the "Ascended Times" newspaper as authors are "Mero Gartin" and "Semaj Snibbor." Martin Gero was a writer and producer in the Stargate franchise. James Robbins was a production designer and art director in the Stargate franchise.


Ascension - S5-E3

Trivia: In this episode, Orlin is a powerful ascended being of energy who becomes human, but then is ascended again and once again becomes a powerful being of energy. This episode also introduces Frank Simmons, played by John de Lancie. Lancie played Q in Star Trek: TNG, a powerful being of energy who becomes human (as punishment) and then once again becomes a powerful being of energy.


Wormhole X-Treme! - S5-E12

Trivia: Near the end when the alien ship is being filmed, Martin says they (Wormhole Extreme) are going to win an Emmy for this, visual effects category. At that point in the series, Stargate SG-1 had been nominated for 5 Emmys (4 in the visual effect category) but never won. The show went on to receive 4 more Emmy nominations in the visual effect category, without ever winning an Emmy.


Shades of Grey - S3-E18

Trivia: When Colonel O'Neil has been sent for a complete examination by General Hammond, Dr Fraiser tells Jack that his "blood pressure, DRE and EEG are all normal." Blood pressure forms part of any medical exam. An EEG (or electroencephalogram) is a recording of the electrical activity of the brain and considering Jack's seemingly abnormal behaviour might be considered reasonable. However a DRE (or Digital Rectal Exam) is a procedure where by a finger is inserted up the back passage to feel for the prostate. Other reasons for this procedure include looking for blood from a intestinal cancer or evidence of spinal cord injury. Given Jack's age its not necessarily an unreasonable thing to do but given the reason he's in the infirmary is because of his behaviour, it seems very strange. An alternative conspiracy theory could be that it's a bit of a punishment.


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The Other Guys - S6-E8

Coombs: I knew I should have updated my will before agreeing to off-world assignments.
Felger: You are not going to die, Coombs.
Coombs: Oh, come on, Felger. We might as well be wearing red shirts.
Felger: I don't get that.

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Chosen answer: Report 30185 is a joke report referring to the time when SG-1 go back in time to 1969 in the episode '1969'. The joke is that Colonel O'Neil knocked up a hippie and made sure Mitchel was taken care of throughout his life, like how he got into the 302 program while his buddy, a better pilot, did not.

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