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7 mistakes in season 10 - chronological order

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Insiders - S10-E4

Revealing mistake: When Ba'al is making his escape right before the Symbiote gas is released there are two shots of Ba'al clones entering into a room. In both shots one of the Ba'al clones is not Cliff Simon. (00:37:20)

Memento Mori - S10-E8

Revealing mistake: As Col. Mitchell is chasing the sedan on the motorcycle, he takes a highway exit marked "Ladner/Surrey" which are suburbs of Vancouver, BC. The show is set in Colorado Springs, and confirmed as the episode's location from the police bulletin. (00:29:10)


The Quest: Part 1 - S10-E10

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the episode, when the team, Baal and Adria are solving the puzzles in the cave. As the camera is focused on Sam and Mitchell, just to the left of the screen the camera crew can be seen, with sports trainers visible and camera equipment.

John Murray

The Shroud - S10-E14

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Jack is talking to Daniel aboard the Odyssey, there is only 1 star on each of his shirt collars, indicating that he is a Brigadier General, instead of the proper two stars for a Major General, as he does in every other scene of the episode.


Bounty - S10-E15

Continuity mistake: Season 10 Episode 15: In the scene where Teal'c and his friend are ambushed offworld, he shoots back without first "opening" his staff weapon. After firing back, it is suddenly opened.

Bad Guys - S10-E16

Character mistake: At the end, Vala and Mitchell establish a wormhole and let Teal'c and Jackson know. Almost a minute passes before Teal'c and Jackson get back to the gate and Jackson yells "run" because they need to get through the gate right away. Obviously they're detained, but after being let go, Mitchell says they're sending the iris code now. This is something that should have been done sooner, especially after hearing gunfire, so they could be ready to go through when Teal'c and Jackson arrived.


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Suggested correction: OR... after hearing the gunfire maybe it was smarter to wait until they verified that it was Teal'c and Jackson who prevailed. Otherwise, they risked leaving the gate open to a hostile force.

Perhaps they waited, but they still would have sent it when they saw they, which the didn't. And they've never waited like that before.


Bad Guys - S10-E16

Plot hole: And the end, when Vala and Mitchell activate the Stargate home, SG-1 is delayed in being able to step through because they are detained. However, the whole time they're detained by the gate, there's no radio transmission from SGC. Later we find out they're coming home early, so on SGC's side, they just had an unscheduled off world activation and would know it's from the planet SG-1 is on, and they would radio for an update. None of that was done so the conversation could happen.


Ascension - S5-E3

Carter: Hey, guys, what are you doing here?
O'Neill: We brought pizza and a movie.
Teal'c: Star Wars.
O'Neill: He's seen it, what, eight times?
Teal'c: Nine.
O'Neill: Nine times. If Teal'c likes it, it's got to be okay.
Carter: You've never seen Star Wars?
O'Neill: Aahh, you know me and sci-fi.

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Chosen answer: It's never actually mentioned on the show, though in the 'Continuum' universe, she says she's been with Ba'al for 50 years.

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