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Trivia: Dom DeLuise and his three sons Peter DeLuise (who has written, directed and produced a number of episodes), Michael DeLuise and David DeLuise have all appeared on the show at least once. Peter DeLuise has appeared many times.

Trivia: Season 8 "Covenant." The logo of Alec Colson's company is a slightly altered Sci Fi Channel logo.

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Trivia: Many die-hard fans have noted and protested the changing of Daniel Jackson's wife's name from "Sha'uri" in the film to "Sha're" in the television series. Supposedly this was done because actor Michael Shanks had difficulty properly pronouncing the original name from the film.

Trivia: In the final episode, "Unending," just after Thor beams aboard, Vala asks Daniel how he can always tell one Asgard from another, given that they all look the same. He replies, 'it's the voice'. This is a subtle nod to the fact that Michael Shanks, who plays Daniel on the show, also provides the voice for the Asgard characters, Thor, Aegir, and Penegal.


Trivia: In this show, Amanda Tapping played an Air Force scientist, who explored other worlds through the stargate. In Due South: Starman (1996), she played an Air Force scientist, who was apparently studying U.F.O.s on Earth.


Trivia: Originally the show was to finish around the time Apophis was finally killed (which we saw in season 5 episode 1) Later on the show was supposed to finish at end of season 7 with a feature film but ratings made the show continue on from season 7. After season 10 there were two feature films. Any other planned films to do with SG1 where cancelled due to the show's production company running out of money. One of the cancelled feature films was about Jack O'Neill and introducing the Stargate to the public.


Trivia: SGC is a fictional location, its home base at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a real-life Air Force facility. The exterior shot of the main entrance tunnel to the mountain base is the actual entrance. And has been seen in other films and TV shows.


Trivia: The DeLuise brothers appear from time to time throughout the series. For example, in Series 5, Episode 15, Peter DeLuise plays the director of the sci-fi movie "Wormhole X-treme." He also appears in several episodes as a background character. They were coproducers of the show.


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The Other Guys - S6-E8

Coombs: I knew I should have updated my will before agreeing to off-world assignments.
Felger: You are not going to die, Coombs.
Coombs: Oh, come on, Felger. We might as well be wearing red shirts.
Felger: I don't get that.

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Chosen answer: It's never actually mentioned on the show, though in the 'Continuum' universe, she says she's been with Ba'al for 50 years.

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