Stargate SG-1

A Hundred Days - S3-E17

Plot hole: When the team manage to cause the cavern to form over the buried stargate they send Teal'c through, but shouldn't the cavern be a vacuum? Air doesn't travel through the gate and the stuff caught in the vortex is destroyed, so Teal'c wouldn't need an oxygen mask he'd need a spacesuit. (00:35:00)

Children of the Gods (1) - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: Kawalsky's rank changes. At the beginning of the episode, he wears the rank insignia of a Captain. However, when his is in dress blues for mission briefing he has on Major insignia. Then in the meeting after the Abydos, he's back to wearing Captain bars.


Threads - S8-E18

Character mistake: In newspaper article "Anubis plans to retake Dakara", there's a line that reads "being partially ascended has it's benefits." The word should be "its."


Tin Man - S1-E19

Character mistake: At the beginning of the episode, O'Neill refers to the planet as P3X-989. When he awakes as an android, he says "Welcome to PX3-989." The P3X becomes PX3. (00:03:35)


Bad Guys - S10-E16

Character mistake: At the end, Vala and Mitchell establish a wormhole and let Teal'c and Jackson know. Almost a minute passes before Teal'c and Jackson get back to the gate and Jackson yells "run" because they need to get through the gate right away. Obviously they're detained, but after being let go, Mitchell says they're sending the iris code now. This is something that should have been done sooner, especially after hearing gunfire, so they could be ready to go through when Teal'c and Jackson arrived.


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Suggested correction: OR... after hearing the gunfire maybe it was smarter to wait until they verified that it was Teal'c and Jackson who prevailed. Otherwise, they risked leaving the gate open to a hostile force.

Perhaps they waited, but they still would have sent it when they saw they, which the didn't. And they've never waited like that before.


Bad Guys - S10-E16

Plot hole: And the end, when Vala and Mitchell activate the Stargate home, SG-1 is delayed in being able to step through because they are detained. However, the whole time they're detained by the gate, there's no radio transmission from SGC. Later we find out they're coming home early, so on SGC's side, they just had an unscheduled off world activation and would know it's from the planet SG-1 is on, and they would radio for an update. None of that was done so the conversation could happen.


Endgame - S8-E10

Continuity mistake: When Hoskin is shot by Carter, the position of his body changes from how we see him to land to the next shot of him when Carter approaches him. At first his arm is extended and his coat lands to cover his gun. In the next shot his ark is by his side and the coat is tucked under but you don't see his gun.


The Warrior - S5-E18

Continuity mistake: When Teal'c and K'tano are fighting and K'tano says "is that the best you can do", you see Teal'c's training staff on the ground and it's already broken, even though that hasn't happened yet. When Teal'c stands up, that's when K'tano breaks his staff.


Watergate - S4-E7

Other mistake: In a Russian facility in the kitchen no-smoking sign instead of "не курить" reads "не курять", which is gibberish. (00:26:07)

Enigma - S1-E17

Continuity mistake: When Omoc is approached in the infirmary, he takes off the oxygen mask. But in some shots, the mask is just pulled down and still around his neck.


There But For the Grace of God - S1-E20

Continuity mistake: When the Goa'uld attack the alternate Earth they dial in so no-one can escape. However in future episodes the Russian Stargate program said that as long as a DHD was hooked up to their gate it would have priority. When the invasion happened they had a gate on the ship hooked to a DHD.

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Suggested correction: The Goa'uld are well aware of this. All they would need to do is block the event horizon of their Stargate or disconnect the DHD and any incoming wormhole would default to the gate on Earth instead.

Upgrades - S4-E3

Revealing mistake: When the three are seen running to Apophis' ship (after taking out the Jaffas), the branches of the trees are shown to move because of the great speed they ran at. However, none of the leaves on the ground move.


Crystal Skull - S3-E21

Revealing mistake: You can tell the rocks of the cavern are CGI and they're walking in front of a green screen. For example, when everyone goes back to the cavern, with Nick, in one shot the rocks cover part of Teal'c's head.


Memento Mori - S10-E8

Revealing mistake: As Col. Mitchell is chasing the sedan on the motorcycle, he takes a highway exit marked "Ladner/Surrey" which are suburbs of Vancouver, BC. The show is set in Colorado Springs, and confirmed as the episode's location from the police bulletin. (00:29:10)


Avalon: Part 1 - S9-E1

Continuity mistake: When Col. Mitchell is talking to Col. Carter in the control room, the initial shot shows Carter appearing on a white computer display. The scene then cuts to a close up of the conversation and the display is black. It is also much thinner than the white display. (00:11:45)

Spirits - S2-E13

Visible crew/equipment: While the Wolf/Dakaya is on his way to the stargate, you can see a hand on the left side, maybe calling/showing him to the right direction. (00:32:40)

Ascension - S5-E3

Carter: Hey, guys, what are you doing here?
O'Neill: We brought pizza and a movie.
Teal'c: Star Wars.
O'Neill: He's seen it, what, eight times?
Teal'c: Nine.
O'Neill: Nine times. If Teal'c likes it, it's got to be okay.
Carter: You've never seen Star Wars?
O'Neill: Aahh, you know me and sci-fi.

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Trivia: Dom DeLuise and his three sons Peter DeLuise (who has written, directed and produced a number of episodes), Michael DeLuise and David DeLuise have all appeared on the show at least once. Peter DeLuise has appeared many times.

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Chosen answer: Report 30185 is a joke report referring to the time when SG-1 go back in time to 1969 in the episode '1969'. The joke is that Colonel O'Neil knocked up a hippie and made sure Mitchel was taken care of throughout his life, like how he got into the 302 program while his buddy, a better pilot, did not.

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