Stargate SG-1

In the Line of Duty - S2-E2

Other mistake: Teal'c swipes his security card to open a door. The stripe is facing the wrong way, and he really doesn't even get it in the slot right, but The Light still goes green and he opens the door. It is very obvious. (00:26:10)


Unnatural Selection (2) - S6-E12

Other mistake: When Thor reveals to SG-1 that the Replicators have reversed the time dilation device, he says time is moving at a factor of "10 squared" (100 times faster than real time). Carter says that in the hour that passed, 4 days have passed for the Replicators (which is correct), but then says depending on when they did it, hundreds of years could have passed. But that's not possible since that means years in real time would have passed. But the Asgard didn't set this trap years ago, just recently.


Red Sky - S5-E5

Other mistake: Carter says that the chance of depositing the heavy element inside the Katow sun while the element is en route is about 1%. However, hypothetically speaking, the actual chances would be infinitely smaller, in fact it would be near impossible. Simply consider the distance from earth stargate to the Katow stargate, the diameter of an average sun, and the time it takes for an object to travel through the gate (about 12 seconds). Taking the closest star to us (Alpha Centruri), at a distance of 4 light years, this means that the wormhole takes ~443ns (0.000000443s) to pass through the sun (using our sun diameter). Similarly, taking the diameter of the Milky Way as the distance to the furthest star in our galaxy, ~100000 light years, meaning the wormhole takes ~17ps (0.000000000017s) to pass through the sun. This means that the SGC would have to shut down the gate within a a maxmium of 443ns or a minimum of 17ps time gap. As we have previously seen, the stargate takes far longer to shutdown than these miniscule time lengths.

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There But For the Grace of God - S1-E20

Other mistake: When attempting to dial out about 26 minutes into episode, the Earth gate point of origin symbol locks (indicating that all the symbols are finished encoding). But then "chevron 2 encoded" is announced.

A Matter of Time - S2-E16

Other mistake: In one scene, someone over a P.A. says something like "The mountain is now on emergency power and life support." but the subtitles say M.A.L.P (the probe they send through the gate) instead of mountain.

Show generally

Other mistake: In several episodes throughout the series, SG-1 is coming through a planet's Stargate but there's no sign of a MALP, even when it should be in the shot. SGC wouldn't send a team through without sending a MALP first (not only to check for a DHD, but survey the land, check for habitability, etc). And if the idea is "well, maybe they have a recovery unit go fetch it before SG-1 goes through", then why would the MALP be present in all the other episodes?


Brief Candle - S1-E9

Other mistake: Jack made it quite clear that he was 40 years old when talking to Kynthia, so if his birthday was in '52, that would put him at 45, instead of 40 years old.

Lockdown - S8-E3

Other mistake: At the end, Anubis/Vaselov is sent to KS7-535 and we see a shot of the gate being partially buried in snow and Anubis frozen. However, the wormhole should have cleared all the snow in its path when it established, meaning it wouldn't be buried in the snow as seen.


Watergate - S4-E7

Other mistake: In a Russian facility in the kitchen no-smoking sign instead of "не курить" reads "не курять", which is gibberish. (00:26:07)

Demons - S3-E8

Other mistake: In the last few minutes of this episode, Carter uses the DHD to dial home. She enters the first chevron, then the "Cannon" dies. And when she proceeds with the dialing,the first chevron is still encoded, and you can hear that she enters seven additional chevrons, which gives an equal of eight chevrons, and then engages the stargate. That would mean they are in another galaxy, referring to S02E15. In that episode they tried to dial the eight-chevron address from SGC but the computer wouldn't accept it. So, it is impossible that they would be in another galaxy.


Point of View - S3-E6

Other mistake: When Dr. Carter is dialing the Asgard, the chevrons spin and lock in, but the screen only shows 7 chevrons locked in. The Asgard required 8 chevrons to reach them.

Point of View - S3-E6

Other mistake: When the Asgard arrive to save the day they start by beaming out the Goa'ould but Teal'c gets left behind. He should have been beamed out with the rest of them.

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Suggested correction: The Asgard know about Teal'c from the season 2 episode "Thor's Chariot". In that episode they upload his DNA profile into the Asgard computers so that he is not beamed away with the other Jaffa in that episode. His profile would have been kept so that he would known in any future contact situations with the Asgard.


This correction seems to have been made without watching the episode (or remembering the episode). The Asgard spoken of are from an alternate reality when they never met Teal'c (and don't have his DNA). One could suggest that alternate reality Carter told them about Teal'c, but there were two of them, and she wouldn't have known alternate reality Teal'c was later killed.


Prophecy - S6-E21

Other mistake: When Jonas says he has flashes of what's going to happen (and no-one believes him), Teal'c says they have encountered many strange phenomena but no-one who could see the future. Except Jack and Teal'c had a whole "Groundhog Day" episode where, because they were stuck in a loop, they could see the future. Carter then says it goes against all the laws of physics as we know them, despite knowing time travel and other things that break the laws of known physics exists.


Lockdown - S8-E3

Other mistake: When they are securing the base into three zones after already going into lockdown they secure zone one. Then zone three. Then zone two is secured. But because zone two is in between zones one and three it would already be secure. They are securing the zones from each other. Clearly showing O'Neill secure zone two with a closing bulkhead door displays the incompetence of one of the other two characters. (00:29:40 - 00:32:00)

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The Other Guys - S6-E8

Coombs: I knew I should have updated my will before agreeing to off-world assignments.
Felger: You are not going to die, Coombs.
Coombs: Oh, come on, Felger. We might as well be wearing red shirts.
Felger: I don't get that.

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Answer: While the series was undeniably successful, filming it is a long process, taking many months of often long days. Anderson, after several years of doing this, wished to spend more time with his young daughter, who he felt he was neglecting, and requested that his role in the series be scaled back. Ultimately, he decided to leave the main cast altogether and only make occasional guest appearances.

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