The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Robo Koopa - S1-E52

Corrected entry: In the middle of the episode, Mario asks Dr. Nerdnik how to stop Robo Koopa, and he says you can't. If that's so, then how did he know to trick Koopa into pushing the ejector seat button? (00:06:40 - 00:12:35)


Correction: Dr. Nerdnik may have meant that Koopa was unstoppable in the robot suit.

Toad Warriors - S1-E13

Corrected entry: When Toad grabs the starman, he is sitting on a motorbike wearing cool clothes. This is not supposed to happen because in the video games, grabbing a starman gives you invincibility for a brief time. (00:20:43)


Correction: This is true for the video game, but the starman has many effects in the cartoon.

Toad Warriors - S1-E13

Corrected entry: After Mario, Luigi and Toad crash their car, the Princess sees them flying in the air, and she and the rebel gang gets mattresses to break their fall. They land with no injuries whatsoever, even though they were REALLY high in the air. (00:18:35)


Correction: Yes, but this is a kids' show after all, and little kids expect mattresses to be soft. Getting an injury even when they land on a mattress (even though it would happen in real life) would just confuse the kids.

Robo Koopa - S1-E52

Corrected entry: During the whole episode, Robo Koopa had eight buttons on his body, two red, four white and two yellow. At the very end of the episode, when the Robo suit is changed to a pizza oven, all the buttons are yellow. (00:13:10)


Correction: Who says they didn't replace the buttons for different results? I don't think a Bullet Bill is needed to bake pizza.

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Mario Mario: We need your Hocus Pocus. Can you make us fly?
Genie: Fly? Do you know what a drain that is on me?
Luigi: No problem. Any drain you got, we can fix. We're plumbers.
Mario Mario: Tell you what, you make us fly and I'll grease your palm with a gold coin.
Genie: Now you're talking. Eeenie meenie miney mo. Make'em fly. I need the dough.

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Trivia: While some of the special guests that appeared in the live-action segment are actual celebrities (e.g. Magic Johnson), the rest were impersonators (e.g. an actress was used to impersonate Cher).


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Answer: "Club Mario" was reruns of the original show repackaged with new live action segments. It was a cheap way to present the old animated episodes as a new show. Club Mario was incredibly unpopular and eventually reruns of the original show with the Captain Lou Albano segments were aired in its place.


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