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Mr. Bean (1989)

9 mistakes in The Trouble With Mr. Bean

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Starring: Rowan Atkinson

Genres: Comedy, Family

The Trouble With Mr. Bean - S1-E8

Revealing mistake: Near the beginning, when Bean is asleep, we see him put his toe over the hose to prevent the water from spraying out - however, if you watch closely, the water flow stops moments before his toe comes into contact with the hose.

The Trouble With Mr. Bean - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: When Mr Bean is going round the roundabout putting his tie on, there is no traffic waiting in the overhead shots, yet all frontal shots of Bean show traffic waiting in the background.

The Trouble With Mr. Bean - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: In the sketch where Mr Bean drives to the dentist, there is a part where he starts to dress himself. If you look out of the window, the scenery keeps changing dramatically. In some shots he is driving along a single lane carriageway with buildings on the sides and in other shots he his driving along a dual carriageway with no buildings on the sides, all while he is getting dressed.

The Trouble With Mr. Bean - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Bean is dressing in his car on the way to the dentist, just after he puts his shirt on the camera cuts to show him from the rear of the car. In this shot he has his dress pants on already, but he hadn't put them on yet and in subsequent shots they are gone again.


The Trouble With Mr. Bean - S1-E8

Deliberate mistake: When Bean is putting on his socks as he is driving, his foot presses the horn in the centre of the steering wheel. Except that the horn control is actually on the right-hand column stalk (you can see the horn symbol on it). This was most likely an added comical sound effect.

Trivia: The Latin lyrics used at the beginning are "Ecce homo qui est farba, qui est farba, qui est farba", which mean "Behold the man who is a bean". At the end, it's identical, but "Ecce" is changed to "Vale"; "Farewell, man who is a bean." Before and after the advert break (in the UK version), the lyrics are "Fin de partie primae" and "Pars secunda" - "End of Part One" and "Part Two".

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Answer: In Mr Bean animated there is an episode where you see Mr Bean as a young boy and had the teddy then and he also liked mini cars. There is another Animated episode where Mr Bean discovers a UFO full of people who look just like him and they each have their own individual stuffed toy.


May be able to find out more on the animated series.


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