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Jill's Surprise Party - S5-E4

Revealing mistake: At the end of the episode before Tim opens the front door for Julie Zwicky, you can see the actress' silhouette in the window pane for several moments before she rings the doorbell, showing her to be waiting for her cue.

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Tanks For The Memories - S5-E15

Continuity mistake: The boys had different haircuts in the previous episode. Randy had just gotten a haircut, and in this episode, the kids are younger and have their longer hair right back. (00:05:50)

Doctor In The House - S5-E10

Revealing mistake: At the beginning during the Binford commercial, Tim falls off the ladder that they just set up and it's possible to see it's connected to the wall (so it will flip, but not fall over).

Tanks For The Memories - S5-E15

Factual error: Tim accidentally fires an M2 .50 machine gun while on a tank. Ricochets are shown sparking all over other tanks while people dive for cover. A) Bullets don't spark when they ricochet, and B) the M2 had a blank firing adapter installed; it couldn't have been firing bullets.

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Advise And Repent - S5-E5

Continuity mistake: When Tim stumbles back from the force of the power compactor, he steps in the wet cement behind him. When Al tries to catch his mother's pet turtle before it lands in the wet cement, the spot in the cement where Tim stepped, has refilled itself. (00:15:25)

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Room Without A View - S5-E8

Character mistake: Before the reveal of Randy's new room in the basement, Tim, Al and Randy are on the stairs. Randy is anxious to see his new "lad pad." When it's time to go in, Tim calls Randy Mark by mistake.

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Suggested correction: Tim says Marv who is the camera guy not Mark. A hint that he says Marv is that earlier in the episode when Tim is fastening the wood beam to the floor with the 44 magnum, Tim says 'Marv if you want to come in and get a closer look...' then right after Tim fastens it, Tim hits his head on the camera and says 'Not that close Marv!'

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Let Them Eat Cake - S5-E6

Revealing mistake: When Randy is thrown across the yard by Jason and his friend, you can tell that he is actually just launching himself as you can hear him take four running steps after Brad says "Hey Wilson, how's it going?", followed by Randy appearing onscreen and then jumping off the porch. You can also see Randy's lone shadow running towards the spot where he jumps from while he himself is offscreen. Next you can tell he lands on a crash mat because the leaves on the ground drag behind him as he is sliding across the grass. Lastly, after he says "I'm going to get you for this Brad!", you can see him walking towards the gazebo where Jason and his friend are sitting and just before the shot changes Jason extends his left hand for Randy to give him five.

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Heidi: Does everybody know what time it is?

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Question: Virtualy all of the tools that Tim and Al show on Tool Time are the Binford 6100 but obviously different tools each time,was there a joke regarding the number 6100?

Answer: In seasons 1 and 2, each Binford tool had a unique model number, but from season 3 onward, they were all numbered 6100 as a running gag.

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