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Home Improvement (1991)

2 mistakes in The Karate Kid Returns

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The Karate Kid Returns - S6-E14

Other mistake: When Tim and Wilson are talking about The Beach Boys song lyrics, Wilson says he wrote a book called 'The Psycho-Physiological Indices of Amorous Connections Among Termites of the Southwest' that sold four copies. In an earlier episode called Wilson's Girlfriend, the woman Wilson dates also says she wrote the same book with the same number of copies sold.

Justin Davis

The Karate Kid Returns - S6-E14

Revealing mistake: When the box falls on the kid's head, Randy and Mark run out of the store. When they run out, the mall stores in the background wave or move revealing that it's not an actual mall set but just a backdrop.

Neighbours - S8-E20

Tim: Al, why don't you tell us your favorite part of gardening?
Al: Well, I'd have to say it's getting down and dirty with my hoe.

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No Place Like Home - S6-E12

Trivia: This was the only episode to feature Tim's father.

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