Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Tortured - S4-E16

New this month Other mistake: When Warner sprays the victim's neck during the autopsy to check for copper, the victim has a pulse.

Waste - S4-E8

Character mistake: The fetus' blood type was AB and the mother had a known type of A. So Dr. Huang said the Father had to be type B which is not completely true. The father could also be type AB as long as he had a single chromosomal copy of the B allele, which any doctor would know. During meiosis only half your genetic DNA is passed on to the offspring.


Risk - S4-E12

Visible crew/equipment: After the undercover Stabler hangs up the phone and explains the scheme to Cabot and Cragen, he passes in front of a mirror to sit. In the reflection of the mirror you can see a microphone hanging overhead. (00:25:40)

Dolls - S4-E7

Visible crew/equipment: Tutuola is speaking with Violet Tremain, the mother of Cherish Doe in a room at the station. As she stands up, a microphone pole is visible in the mirror behind her. (00:09:55)

Rotten - S4-E13

Visible crew/equipment: When Benson and Tutuola make a visit to M.E. Warner, the reflection in the glass shows a crew member holding a microphone. (00:20:10)

Angels - S4-E6

Character mistake: When Munch and Finn visit victim's apartment, Munch states that the glass in the broken window is tempered, The glass is not tempered but more likely laminated wire glass; due to he fact that the glass is still intact and the child had to use wire cutters to get out.


Born Psychopath - S14-E19

Dr. Huang: I'm conflicted about labeling a ten year old a psychopath. But...
Don Cragen: "But"?
Dr. Huang: I've had a chill like that two times in my life. With death row serial killers.

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Scavenger - S6-E4

Trivia: As the detectives are trying to find out from Doug Hutchinson's character where the victim is being held, the detectives find out he is somewhat claustrophobic. They decide to scare him and put him in a cupboard without any light. This is very similar to Doug Hutchinson's character in The Green Mile. The main characters decide to punish him and force him into a dark and small room.

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