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Judging Amy (1999)

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2Short Calendar0
3Trial By Jury0
4Victim Soul0
5Last Tango in Hartford0
6Witch Hunt0
7An Impartial Bias0
8Near Death Experience1
9The Persistence of Tectonics0
10Crowded House1
11Presumed Innocent0
12Spoil the Child0
13Zero to Sixty0
14Shaken, Not Stirred0
15Culture Clash0
16The Wee Hours0
17Drawing the Line0
18Human Touch0
19The Out-of-Towners0
20The God Thing0
21Gray vs. Gray0
22Not With a Whimper0
23Blast from the Past0

Show generally

Plot hole: In the episode "10,000 Steps," the parents from Amy's case say they adopted their first son Daniel when he was 3 because they thought they couldn't have biological children. Howeve,r the birth of their other son Seth proved that theory wrong. But Daniel is 13 and Seth is 12, so when Daniel was 3, Seth would have been 2 already.

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Lauen Cassidy: What's anorexia?
Maxine: It's a disease women get by reading magazines.

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Question: There was an episode, where the only thing I remember is an autistic woman in court and it had something to do with having sex or having a baby with her autistic boyfriend. Anyone know what this episode is called?


Chosen answer: "Thursday's Child" (season 4, episode 2, October 8th, 2002) : The parents of a sexually active mentally disabled 17-year-old (Lynsey Bartilson) come before Amy to request control of their daughter's reproductive rights. [source : TV Guide on-line.].

Michael Albert

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