The Sopranos

Remember When - S6-E15

Stupidity: Early on in the show Tony had a rule about talking business on the phones. He even scolded Tony Blundeto about talking too boldly on the phone. Now he's speaking with Sil on a phone openly about the FBI finding a body from 25 years ago. If the government is listening in he gave them all the ammunition they need to focus their probe. Even when they speak in code, the government has experts that decipher it and testify to its nature. They even used names which help identify the parties involved. (00:21:16 - 00:22:00)


Where's Johnny? - S5-E3

Stupidity: The cops find Corodo Soprano aka Junior wondering the streets because he is experiencing dementia. His family doesn't know of his illness yet. The police take him inside their vehicle without searching or handcuffing him. The back of their cruiser has no protective shield. They just put their lives in jeopardy by not checking him for weapons. Just because somebody doesn't pose an immediate threat doesn't mean they won't become violet later and pull a weapon and stab or shoot them. (00:39:34 - 00:40:42)


Mayham - S6-E3

Stupidity: Paulie and an associate just killed 2 drug dealers or stash house guards, and they are rummaging throughout the apartment touching appliances and other surfaces without any gloves. Paulie was previously arrested and did time so his fingerprints are on file. Paulie also used a knife to stab one of the Colombians without any gloves on, and he just left it in his body. The police would have no problem linking him to this crime within a week after forensics did their sweep. (00:03:00 - 00:04:17)


Knight in White Satin Armor - S2-E12

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Janice is trying on her wedding gown with Carmela, her tattoo is gone. However, in all the other shots, her tattoo is above her cleavage line, between her boobs. It's nowhere to be seen in the wedding dress shots.

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Suggested correction: Actually, her tattoo is visible. The style of the wedding dress she had on was obviously chosen for the way that it NEARLY covered up the tattoo. It is easily seen if your eyes are not glued to her cleavage near the 19 minute mark.

Sorry. There is no way her tattoo is covered up. I looked at the prior engagement party scene and jumped to the wedding dress, this is an error. There is no covering it up.

The tattoo is there and it is definitely covered up. Look at her right boob, not left, since we are seeing a reflection of her in the mirror, and you'll find that tattoo all right.

Suggested correction: Actually there is more than one shot where you can't see the tattoo at all. It depends on the angle. In most shots the top of the tattoo is always visible and in others it's not at all.

Amy Emerick Tice

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Tony Soprano: Oh, poor baby. What do you want, a Whitman's Sampler?

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Trivia: In "Mr. & Mrs. Sacrimoni Request," Johnny Sack's daughter is played by Caitlin Van Zandt. While she shares the surname, she is not related to Steven and Maureen Van Zandt (Silvio and Gabby Dante).

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Season 1 generally

Question: During a restaurant scene Drea deMatteo plays a hostess. She seats the Sopranos, but does not seem to know them. Was she picked to play Adriana after this episode?

Answer: Yup, just like Nicholas Lea was chosen to play Alex Krycek on the X-files after showing up on 1 episode as a different character.

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