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Mary Tyler Moore (1970)

3 mistakes in season 1 - chronological order

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Love is All Around - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: Mary and Rhoda are sitting at the table having dinner in Mary's apartment. Rhoda has her plate and a water glass in front of her. The camera pans to Mary, but when it pans back to Rhoda (in mid-sentence), she is already drinking a cup of coffee and her plate is gone. There is no lapse in the conversation.

Today I Am a Ma'am - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: Mary and Rhoda are sitting at Mary's having dinner. Rhoda is eating a plate of food with a fork in her hand and has a glass of water in front of her. As Rhoda is talking, the camera pans quickly to Mary, then right back to Rhoda, and in mid-sentence, she now only has a cup of coffee in her hand. The plate is gone, the water glass is gone, completely cleared from the table with no break in the conversation. (02:00:32)


The 45-Year-Old Man - S1-E24

Other mistake: In this episode, the news team is asked to go to the office of the head of the station. Before the scene, the camera pans up the building to one of the top floors. In the scene, you can see shorter buildings outside the office including a dome on top of a building that could be a church or a government building, which would never be that tall. The biggest mistake is that you can see trees right outside the building. There are no trees that would ever be that tall either.

Ted Baxter: It's actually tomorrow in Tokyo. Do you realise that there are people alive here in Minneapolis who are already dead in Tokyo?

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Trivia: Mary Tyler Moore was very concerned about the fashion appearing on the show, if the hemline changed in Paris then a scene would be shot over again with the hemline of the dress/skirt changed accordingly.

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