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His Two Right Arms - S2-E24

Corrected entry: Bill Daily plays a bumbling politician in this episode, where he comes over to Mary's apartment on a Sunday evening. It has been definitely established that this is Sunday. When he shows up, he is wearing a kippah (yarmulke), and Rhoda (who is Jewish) comments, "I knew there was something I liked about you," meaning she is assuming he is Jewish. Then he takes the kippah off, and calls it a "beanie." He isn't Jewish. He says he has just been to a Bar Mitzvah. The problem is that Bar Mitzvah services don't take place on Sundays; Bar Mitzvah services are nearly always on Saturday. To be on a Sunday, the Sunday would have to be a High Holy Day (three days out of the year). Even then it's not usually done, and would be in the morning anyway. This episode aired at the end of the season, not the beginning, when the High Holy Days take place. To a gentile, this probably seems pretty obscure, but it bugs me every time I see this episode.

Correction: The scene that you're referring to actually takes place on Saturday evening. The meeting in Mary's apartment was to prepare for a show that was filming on Sunday. On Friday, Mary was reprimanded for taking a 55 minute lunch without having a guest for Sunday's show. Mary met the politician and his staff members on a Friday. And on that Friday, one of the staff members invited the other staff member over for dinner that night. At Mary's apartment on Saturday, she thanked her for dinner "last night. " The next scene shows the politician filming the show with Ted Baxter on Sunday as scheduled.

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Continuity mistake: In an episode fairly late in the life of the show, Lou Grant says that when Mary came to interview for a job at the station, she bumped into the desk in his office and said, "Excuse me" to the inanimate object. However, we saw that interview in the very first episode, and no such thing happened.


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Lou Grant: Put it on an idiot card for Ted.
Ted Baxter: Cue cards, Lou. I don't know why everyone insists on calling cue cards idiot cards.
Murray Slaughter: We just have trouble thinking of you as a cue.

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Trivia: When the show spun off the series Lou Grant, Ed Asner became the first (and remains the only) actor to win an Emmy Award for playing the same character on both a 30 minute sitcom and a 60 minute drama.

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