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1 mistake in Ted Koppel's Big Night Out

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Ted Koppel's Big Night Out - S4-E9

Factual error: Lorelei and Jason go to dinner after the Yale vs Harvard game. When the dinner is a bust, they go to the supermarket. Wine bottles can be seen as they enter the supermarket. Hard liquor and wine are not sold in supermarkets in Connecticut. Up until a few years ago, alcohol could not be purchased on Sunday or after 9 PM.


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I Solemnly Swear - S3-E11

Trivia: To illustrate Jackson's love of Creedence Clearwater Revival: during his fight with Sookie, four lines of dialogue contain six uses of "CCR."

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Question: Does Lane live with both her parents? I've heard her talk about "parents" in plural but I've never seen her father, nor heard anyone talk about him. Anyone who knows?

Answer: Yes, Lane lives with both her parents. Her father does live with them, but he was only seen in the Netflix revival.

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