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34 mistakes in season 4

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Suggested correction: This is too vague. There are literally dozens of women that leave the stage whenever Eric answers a question. Describe what these women look like and what they are wearing.

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Cult Fiction - S4-E21

Character mistake: When Cory is telling Shawn that he has a lot of questions about The Centre, Shawn invites him to check it out sometime. A couple scenes later when Cory does just that, an incredulous and defensive Shawn asks him why he is there, as if he forgot he invited Cory to check the place out.

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I Ain't Gonna Spray Lettuce No More - S4-E3

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of this episode, Cory asks Alan for money for his class photo. When Alan asks what grade Cory is in now, Cory says 11th. However, at the end of the previous season, Cory had just finished 9th grade (he and Shawn are both 15) and he spent his summer traveling the country with Eric. He should be in 10th grade, not 11th. This is further complicated later in the season, when he turns 16 and gets his driver's license. If he was in 11th grade, he would have already turned 16 and gone through driver's ed.

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Learning to Fly - S4-E22

Revealing mistake: While the girl who just broke up with her boyfriend is on the phone with the ex, she is throwing his stuff out the window. As she throws the last couple of CDs out the window, you can see the backdrop of the beach sway a little bit.


A Long Walk To Pittsburgh (1) - S4-E16

Character mistake: After learning that Topanga will be moving to Pittsburgh, Cory tries to rationalize their desire to be together for the rest of their lives despite still being so young by comparing their relationship to that of Romeo and Juliet, thinking they turned out OK. Shortly thereafter, he is shown reading the book in his backyard and explains the situation to Mr. Feeny, who advises him to skip to the end to find out what happens to their relationship, much to Cory's dismay. The problem is that Cory already learned the fate of Romeo and Juliet in Mr. Feeny's class in the first episode of the series. He was even dismissive over the idea of a man killing himself over a woman.

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Chick Like Me - S4-E15

Continuity mistake: When Alan is saying "It's a miracle bra, honey, get a camera," his left hand is resting on the table. When the shot changes, his left hand is suddenly resting on his right arm. (00:08:00)

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B & B's B'n B - S4-E13

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Timmer picks up the mini vase, just before Cory tells him to put it down, you can see he is the only one touching it. When the shot changes, Mr. Timmer and his wife are both holding onto it. Cory also instantly has his left arm raised and index finger pointed at the Timmers.

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Me and Mr. Joad - S2-E4

Mr. Feeny: You know, you seem amused by this display of defiance, Mr. Turner.
Mr. Turner: Oh, I am, I gotta say. 'Cause if I had done to me what I did to them, then I'd have done the same thing to me that they did.
Mr. Feeny: Go to the board and diagram that sentence.

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Answer: That was what I hope was only a phase of the way things were in California at that time. Many kids who had parents who liked to be modern and be friends more than parents to their kids had them call them by their first names.


Answer: This was part of Topanga's weird phase. She specifically mentions in one episode that addressing her father as "Dad" would make it hard to tell him apart from the other dads in the world.

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