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Visible crew/equipment: The episode where Lisa is running away with Mel. (The episode where Steve dies) There is a scene where Lisa and Mel are panicking at a bus stop, Mel hails a Taxi. When the Taxi stops, you can see the WHOLE crew in the Taxis reflection. Cameraman, soundman, equipment etc.


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Visible crew/equipment: 20/1/09 in the laundrette when Jack's mobile phone rings, as Tanya asks "Which sister is that? Roxy or Ronnie?" you can see the shadow of the boom mike on the wall above the door.

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Visible crew/equipment: 19/2/85 In the scene when Pete leaves Cathy on the stall to go and have a drink in the Vic there is a boom mike shadow on the window behind them.

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Visible crew/equipment: 17/1/17 When Honey is chasing the rat out of the shop with the broom you can see a hand at the bottom right corner of the door belonging to the animal handler who has just released the rat.

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Frank Butcher: I'll tell you what, pal, you talk to me like that again and you're gonna get a dry slap.

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Trivia: There is a shop in the square called Barratt's Bargain Corner, cleverly incorporating the BBC's initials.

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Question: Is outdoor Albert Square a set or a real life location? If its a set, how do they get the trains to run by so realistically and how do they get so many extras? If it's real, where is it?

Answer: Albert Square is a set in the BBC studios in Borehamwood, on the north side of London. The trains, to the best of my knowledge, are simply a bit of the old TV magic. As far as the extras go - it's not difficult to get extras in reasonable numbers through agencies.

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