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Plot hole: Why is it that no-one in the square owns a washing machine. Surely this would mean the launderette would always be crowded.

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Plot hole: 30/9/10: How did Zsa Zsa and Leon pass their driving tests so soon? They only left school this year and wouldn't have been 17 years old until at least the first of September.

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Plot hole: How on Earth did Max and Abi manage to survive that road crash in April 2011? Front seat passengers driving head long under a lorry, and all they got were facial scratches. Not likely.

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Plot hole: James Willmott-Brown's son Luke hasn't been seen since being bundled into the back of a van by Phil's "heavies" after he assaulted Ben, although Willmott-Brown has commented on Luke's disappearance to his daughter Sophie as they all work together. Luke is the favourite of his three children, you'd think he would be concerned as to his whereabouts, especially around Christmas time.

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Suggested correction: Although we didn't actually see Willmott-Brown die, he did tell Kathy he was dying. It is likely he died and therefore Luke was forgotten with him.

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Alan: You don't wanna go upsetting the Mitchells, they have long memories.

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Trivia: As of March 2010, Adam Woodyatt remains the only cast member still in the show from its inception in Feb 85. Still a bit behind Bill Roache, who has played Ken Barlow in Corrie since it began in 1960.

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Suggested correction: He actually obtained this status after Pauline died on Christmas Day 2006 (although there have since been reappearances of Leonard Fenton, Letitia Dean, John Altman and Gillian Taylforth).

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Question: Is outdoor Albert Square a set or a real life location? If its a set, how do they get the trains to run by so realistically and how do they get so many extras? If it's real, where is it?

Answer: Albert Square is a set in the BBC studios in Borehamwood, on the north side of London. The trains, to the best of my knowledge, are simply a bit of the old TV magic. As far as the extras go - it's not difficult to get extras in reasonable numbers through agencies.

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